How should a Care Plan be formulated before using the Home Care Package allowance?

According to the new version of the Home Care Package Allowance User Manual issued by the Australian Government’s Department of Health in March this year, Chapter 3 Article 6, Section 2, the Care Plan is an important part of the agreement, and the allowance management agency must consider the elderly’s personal care needs, goals and preferences, and jointly develop a Care Plan.

What is included in a Care Plan?

Upon signing a contract with Happy Living, the intake consultant will also work with the Home Care Package holder to formulate a tailor-made Care Plan, stating the specific aspects of support and assistance needed to meet their individual care service needs.

The consultant will fill in the existing health issues and needs in consultation with the Home Care Package holder, including their desired goals, the content and frequency of the required services, and the assistance needed by Care Coordinator in terms of arranging, using the services and making payments, etc.

In addition, the Care Plan will also record the client’s personal preferences and needs for caregivers, such as the language, cultural background, and special requirements, so that the client can arrange and use services more conveniently and efficiently.


How do you  define my care needs and personal goals?

Care needs refer to the extra support and assistance that you require when performing daily activities.

An important part of the Care Plan, is your  personal goals which will help you  choose the services and items that best meet your care needs.

How do I choose the right services for my situation?

When formulating a Care Plan in conjuction with you, Happy Living will consider any form of support that you  have previously received, including assistance from family members, friends, caregivers, and local communities, and find new ways to maximize the use of your home care allowance.

If you believe that a certain service or assistive device would meet your personal care needs and it is permitted under the Home Care Package program, you can contact your Care Coordinator, who will do their best to help you obtain the service or assistive device, or come up with a suitable alternative.


Why is the Care Plan so important?

At Happy Living, our clients can fully enjoy the rights they have as consumers. Under the premise of meeting the scope of government guidance, they can independently select their required services and service providers, manage their allowances to use care services more effectively and purchase the equipment they need to improve their personal health and quality of life.

The participation of our clients in the joint formulation of a Care Plan enables us to start the self-management journey well. The Care Plan not only helps your Care Coordinator to assist in arranging services and care personnel to provide services, but is also an important basis and guidance for related professionals such as occupational therapists in assessing your needs in the most efficient and beneficial way.

The Care Plan is also an assessment tool for your health, safety and independence. Happy living will use your Care Plan to check in with you on a regular basis to ensure that you are able to achieve your desired results in care goals and to confirm whether your established care service arrangements can effectively support your needs at home.

When should the Care Plan be updated?

When you join Happy Living, the content of the Care Plan will be updated on an annual basis. Your Care Coordinator will evaluate your past care goals and progression, to determine whether the services provided and the items used can meet your care goals and needs going forward, and update the contents of the Care Plan on this basis.

If you have an upgrade of the level of your Home Care Package, with the assistance of your Care Coordinator, or have major changes in your physical, mental, or living conditions, you can also contact your Care Coordinator to ensure that the services and items your currently receive can meet your changing care needs.

All changes to your Care Plan will only be completed only after we receive your permission.