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While many of our clients are able to fully self manage their care requirements we have others who would benefit from the support of an experienced and customer service focused Case Manager.

We have a growing list of Case Manager Partners across Australia whom we actively support to build their care businesses.  We provide support with a suite of resources, including templates for paperwork, collateral and a dedicated contact person. We oversee all of the necessary government compliance and financial reconciliation for their Home Care Package clients, including accounts payables. Our Case Managers Partners have the support they need to focus on what they do best which is getting the best care outcomes for their clients.

With the government’s announcement of a target of 151,500 Home Care Packages by 2021-2022 there will potentially be many more individuals who will require the assistance of an experienced Case Manager.  Currently there are just 88,000 packages in circulation which represents a growth of 172% in the number of available Home Care Packages in Australia.

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