Is the self-management model suitable for everyone?

Before joining Happy Living, Mrs. Li was using another Home Care Package provider. “I’m not a young person anymore, and there are a lot of things that I can’t accomplish by myself. I was hoping that someone could give me a hand, since I had been issued a Home Care Package.” The HCP provider Mrs. … Read more

Mrs. Zhang: Happy Living allows me to continue using my previous service personnel.

Mrs. Zhang transferred to Happy Living from another Home Care Package provider two months ago. The staff from her former provider offered some help in the application for her Home Care Package, she said, so once the allowance was officially issued, she joined them spontaneously. But in fact, Mrs. Zhang had encountered numerous problems within … Read more

I finally got approved for the Home Care Package! But what now?

As the Australian government notices the shift in the desire of older Austrlians to continue living at home as opposed to moving into an aged care home, it has repeatedly allocated more funds to increase the quota of the Home Care Package, meaning there are more and more older people being approved for this subsidy, … Read more

This procedure is to explain how to switch to another Home Care Package provider.

With the continuous spread of the pandemic in Australia, various states have introduced various restrictive policies as the situation changes. There is no doubt that the lives of all kinds of people have been greatly affected, particularly those of older Australians.   Due to the current climate of various group infections in many aged care … Read more