Nutritional imbalance, how a Home Care Package can help.

Australian nutritionists and health professionals claim a malnutrition crisis is looming over older Australians. The latest figures from the Royal Commission showed that almost 2 per cent of hospitalisations are due to weight loss and malnutrition. According to data from the Dietitians Association of Australia, it was a warning sign that nearly 4000 elderly Australians … Read more

Need mobility assistance? A Home Care Package (HCP) can help.

There was an old saying: “Trees grow old from their roots, and people grow old from their legs.” Soreness of the waist and knees is often a problem that many Chinese-Australian elders encounter. Leg and feet issues will often lead to limited mobility. Elders could be affected when they go shopping and participate in social … Read more

Understanding Support At Home Program

The Aged Care industry will have a reform in July 2023: Purpose of Support at Home Program Seniors who are currently holding Home Care Packages (HCP) or are applying for it, shall not worry, this is a positive reform. Australian seniors will be the beneficiary. By mid-2023, the Australian government has given us more than … Read more

Choose a provider who makes you worry-free in the Year of the Tiger.

The Home Care Package (HCP) is a very important program for older Australians living in Australia. The HCP meets the goals of safe, healthy and independent living at home. This subsidy can be viewed as support funding and therefore must be administered by a government approved provider. Different providers have different charging methods, service prices, … Read more

HCP recipients, when to get reassessed.

Case 1: The 78-year-old Granny Sun, who lives in Melbourne accidentally fell at home and was unable to walk. She underwent rehabilitation treatment at home. Granny Sun’s demand for care services increased. Granny Sun’s daughter notified her Care Manager at Happy Living for the first time. The subsidy was upgraded from level 2 to level … Read more

Want To Change Provider? How to Save Time and Effort

The Australian government provides different subsidies to the elderly, such as The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and Home Care Packages (HCP). Both of these programs are very important for the older Australians, enabling them to receive supports to live at home longer. The government requires subsidies to be managed by a qualified provider. If … Read more