COTA: Home-based pension allowances are too long and must be acted upon

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The Australian Council for the Elderly (COTA Australia) announced that the number of people waiting for the Home Care Package has declined for the first time, but said that the waiting time is still too long, and a large number of elderly people living in Australia are waiting for this allowance to exceed More than 18 months.

Ian Yates, chief executive of the Australian Council on Ageing, said that according to a government data report released this month, in the quarter from April to June 2019, Australia is awaiting approval of its home pension allowance. The number of elderly people fell from 129,038 to 119,524. As of June 30, 125,117 people are using the Home Pension Allowance, an increase of 25,185 from the same period last year.

Yates said: “The number of people waiting for the home pension allowance is increasing year by year. The current downward trend is good news, but the waiting list and waiting time are still too long.”

“The formal waiting time for Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 allowances is still more than 12 months. In fact, the waiting time is usually more than 18 months. This is totally unacceptable. After the government has assessed their needs, No one should wait more than three months.”

Mr. Yates said that the Australian Council on Ageing is concerned about the suggestion that the Commonwealth Home Support Programme can replace the home pension allowance. The Federal Government Home Assistance Program is only suitable for older people who require entry-level service assistance, with a limited range of services and a low amount of benefits.

“The level of support provided by the Federal Government Home Assistance Program is far from meeting the complex needs of those who need support from the Home Pension Allowance. We have also received numerous reports that people who have received support from the Federal Government Home Assistance Program are not receiving services because of the service. The government is aware that this is the case and some additional federal government home grants have been added.”

Mr. Yates also stated that the Australian Council on Ageing called for more home-based pensions to be approved in December and a new timetable to ensure that no one has to wait for more than three months in order to receive the allowance.

The Australian Department of Health told the Royal Pensions Committee that it would cost between $2 billion and $2.5 billion a year to shorten the waiting period to three months. But Yates said that if the government finally takes action after several delays, the figure will be lower than expected.

Yates said: “We are very pleased to see the Prime Minister’s commitment to include additional home-based pension benefits as one of the highest priorities in his government budget.”

“The elderly in Australia are suffering from the waiting for allowances, and we can’t wait to take action for the final report of the Royal Commission next November.”

“Now, priority must be given to providing an additional home-based pension allowance to ensure that older people receive the respect they deserve, which is the standard of aged care that the government should follow.”

It can be seen that the problem of home-based pension subsidies has aroused the concern of many parties. In the future, the problem of waiting too long may be improved, but at present, in order to cope with an excessively long waiting period, please ask the elderly who need it to apply as soon as possible. . If you encounter any problems during the application process, please call the Happy Living Chinese Service Hotline at 1300 911 728. Our professional consultants will answer your questions.

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