Double Ninth Chongyang Festival, Happy Living thanksgiving to the seniors

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On the 9th day of the lunar calendar every year, it is the traditional Chinese festival of the Double Ninth Festival. In the Book of Changes, “Nine” is set as a positive number, and “Nine-Nine-Year” is equal to the number of two yangs. Therefore, it is called “Chongyang”; because the day and the moon are both nine, it is also called “heavy nine.” Chongyang returned to the truth, and at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the ancients believed that Chongyang was an auspicious day. In the folklore concept, “Nine” is the largest number in the number, and the meaning of longevity and longevity is the blessing of people’s health and longevity. In the historical development and evolution, the Double Ninth Festival is a mixture of folk customs and carries a rich cultural connotation. In ancient times, the folks had the custom of ascending and praying in the Chung Yeung Festival, enjoying the chrysanthemum in the autumn tour, admiring the ancestors, worshipping the ancestors, and drinking for a feast. Inheriting to this day, it has added the connotation of respecting the elderly, and enjoying a high-level feast on the day of Chongyang. Ascending the autumn and gratefulness and respect for the elderly are the two important themes of today’s Chongyang Festival. On the occasion of the coming of Chongyang, Happy Living also organized and arranged a series of related activities, grateful and rewarding the trust and support of the elderly friends.

Happy Living, as a home-based pension subsidy management agency, was founded on the hope of bringing happiness to Asians, especially Chinese elders. Paying attention to the family and paying for the family is the traditional Chinese cultural virtue. After the old man’s hard work and dedication, he naturally hopes to spend his old age at home. Happy living is grateful to the elderly for the family and contributes to the society. This kind of gratitude is the reason why we have been working tirelessly to serve the Chinese elderly. We hope that we can do everything we can to make the elderly friends feel at home. Resolutely and happy to support the elderly. In order to achieve this goal, Happy Living strives to provide the best treatment for the elderly in service. First of all, Happy Living brings an ultra-low allowance management rate for elder friends. Happy Living is Australia’s first home-based pension management agency that provides a self-management model. Unlike traditional management agencies, which charge 40%-60% of management fees, Happy Living only charges a 13% ultra-low rate. Secondly, we hope that the elderly can use as much of the subsidy as possible for the various nursing services or life services that the individual needs. Therefore, in addition to the fixed service rate, Happy Living will not charge any additional fees and Hidden fees, including filing fees, exit fees, daily management fees, etc., and the elderly can choose their preferred service providers and caregivers to communicate with them directly to arrange service hours to ensure that there is no intermediate price difference. In addition, in order to comply with cultural habits and satisfy the needs of Chinese elders, Happy Living also provides more services to be reimbursed. In order to take care of the lifestyle of the elderly, the reimbursement method is also very simple and convenient. You only need to use your mobile phone to log in to WeChat for a few minutes.

The gratitude of Happy Living to the elderly is not limited to management services. We also provide a variety of platform channels for elderly friends to fully and timely understand the information related to home pension. Happy Living publishes Chinese-related news about home-based pensions in newspapers, radio, WeChat friends and WeChat service numbers every week. It also shares festivals and events that are of interest to elders and friends, such as Victoria this month. The activities of the festival for the elderly are included in the WeChat service article of Happy Living and have been widely welcomed and forwarded. Coupled with this month’s newly issued monthly magazine, it is hoped that the elderly will have a more comprehensive understanding of the home pension allowance and self-management mode, and better plan and arrange their own old-age life. The new monthly magazine of Happy Living has been officially released. The content includes not only the knowledge popularization of the home pension allowance, the related organization comments, the social news of the elderly, the activities of the Victorian Old Age Festival, etc., but also the previous Mid-Autumn Festival call for papers. The wonderful works provided by the elder friends. Due to the enthusiasm of the readers and the large number of submissions, only some of them are included in the monthly magazine, and the remaining selected works will be released in subsequent monthly magazines. I believe that not only can we get useful information about home-based care from our monthly magazine, but we can also feel the endless fun of elderly friends in the old-age life.

In addition to online promotion, Happy Living regularly organizes offline activities for senior citizens to participate and enrich the social life of the elderly. The regular tea party will not only answer questions for elder friends, but also provide opportunities for everyone to exchange ideas and discuss the experience of living in the home. Whenever a major holiday arrives, Happy Living will also hold a large-scale celebration to let the elders and friends meet each other in a strong Chinese community atmosphere. The Happy Celebrations and Mid-Autumn Festival held in Dr. Hill last month attracted nearly 500 people to participate in the festival. They enjoyed interesting programs, tasted delicious meals and spent an impressive Mid-Autumn Festival. In order to let the elders and friends continue to feel the festive atmosphere in a foreign country, Happy Living will organize a number of Chongyang Festival gratitude feedback activities in the next month. The activities include private Chinese movies, Chinese buffets and healthy outings. Activities, etc., must let everyone eat and have fun. The specific content will be announced later, please pay attention to the elderly friends who are interested, welcome to sign up.

Happy Living’s $1000 Aussie Commitment Campaign launched in September has received enthusiastic responses from the elders and friends. In order to comply with the theme of the Chongyang Festival, we decided to extend the event deadline to the end of this year, so that elder friends can choose services. More assured. After the old man turns into a Happy Living for 12 weeks, in the process of using the service, in addition to the fixed rate of 13%, no other fees will be charged, and the customer can provide more services than other management agencies. The project, otherwise Happy Living will pay to the client for $1000 AUD as compensation, and free to help the elderly transfer to other welfare allowance management agencies they want. Happy Living adheres to the principle of multiple choices, high autonomy and low fees. It not only strives to achieve the lowest fees, but also allows the elderly to enjoy as many service projects and service periods as possible, and on the basis of ensuring that the elderly can independently manage the pension benefits. Regularly follow up the living conditions of the elderly, help the elderly to answer questions and provide suggestions, and also use various online and offline platforms to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly.

On October 9th, from 2:30 to 4:30 pm, the Happy Living Regular Lecture will continue in the Corporate Headquarters conference room at Level 1, 450 Waverley Road, Malvern East, VIC 3145. If a friend with Google Maps directly enters and lives happily at home, you can directly check the company address and the way public transportation is used. This lecture is in the period of the Victorian Old Age Festival in October, so as long as you hold the Victorian Card, you can take public transportation for free. The consultant will analyze the operational advantages of self-management on the spot, and have more Happy Living customers to share their experience of home-based care and self-management experience. Whether you have applied for a home pension allowance, have completed an assessment, are waiting for a subsidy, or want to transfer to a Happy Living, you can attend our lectures. Happy Living will be ready for a fine coffee refreshment, waiting for the presence of elder friends. Seats are limited, please be sure to register in advance! To sign up for the lecture or to learn more about home care, please call the Chinese free customer service hotline 1300 911 728, and a Happy Living professional consultant will be at your service.

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