5 FAQS on changing your Home Care Package Provider

In the process of changing a Home Care Package Provider, you might encounter a specific situation and not know how to deal with them. That’s why we at Happy Living, have put together the most common questions to help you navigate these situations.


Q: I can’t find my original contract, and I don’t remember the terms. Can I still make a transfer?

change home care package provider

A: From February 2017, Home Care Package holders have the right to choose the best Home Care Package Provider, for their unique situation, including those who are already with a Home Care Package Provider. Any individual or agency has no right to interfere with any reason or method. Therefore, even if the client loses their written contract with their current Provider, it will not affect the transfer process.


If the Home Care Package holder  does not remember the terms of the contract, including the notice period and termination fee, etc., they can ask their current Home Care Package Provider to provide the relevant information. These contents are public information, and you have the right to know.


Q: The exit fee of my current Home Care Package Provider is as high as $500. Should I still leave them?

A: The exit fee should not be a reason to prevent you from leaving your current Provider. An exit fee is an additional fee, and the company decides the amount and whether to charge it. Under normal circumstances, the Home Care Package Provider sets an exit fee to prevent their clients from leaving, which could be taken as a question as to why they need to deter clients from leaving, if they are confident that they will deliver quality customer service and care and support to their clients.


Generally, if a Home Care Package holder feels forced to stay under the pressure of an exit fee, they will eventually lose more. For example, if the management fees are too high, the various excess charged in one month may have exceeded the exit fee. In other words, the best course of action may actually be to leave as soon as possible and join another Home Care Package Provider with more reasonable fees, which will result in less fees spent and more fee saved,  leaving far more funds available even after the exit fee is deducted.


Q: After I submit my transfer application, can I continue to use my services before I officially join Happy Living?

A: Before you formally join Happy Living, your current Provider is still the same and you will be required to continue to pay management fees as usual. Therefore, you can continue to use your existing care services as long as you have the necessary funding balance in your account.


There is one thing though that Home Care Package holders should pay attention to: Before switching organizations, they should ensure that their HCP account has the balance necessary in order to facilitate the transfer. For example, If their HCP account is in arrears, it is mostly due to the excessively large fees charged by the current management agency. When the elderly joins Happy Living, such situation will not happen again.


Q: I had an Occupational Therapist Assessment with my current Home Care Package Provider, but I couldn’t complete the purchase of the required medical service equipment due to insufficient allowance balance. Do I need to reassess after the transfer?

A: If you are able to keep the evaluation report completed by the Occupational Therapist and it is within the valid period, there is no need to have it re-evaluated.


However, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the purchase of the product must occur after he/she officially joins Happy Living in order to be reimbursed.


Q: I have been using the same caregiver for a long time and he/she is very good to me. Can he/she continue to provide services for me after the transfer?

A: Happy Living knows the importance of finding a suitable care giver to provide care services and that’s why we will do our best to help our clients to maintain these cooperative relationships and a continuity of care.


At Happy Living, we allow you to choose a caregiver that meets your own requirements  and that includes whether those you have been using in the past or recommended by a friend, as long as they can provide the relevant documents and materials to ensure we have a Service Provider Agreement in place to keep you safe at home, they can continue to provide your care services.

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