2 Fees Charged by Home Care Package Providers

When an older person is formally assigned a Home Care Package, they are required to choose an Approved Provider to assist in receiving, managing, and using their funds.

The Approved Provider will also deduct part of the funding from the Package as service fees. The types and amounts of these fees are determined by the Provider, and different Providers charge different fees.

In the new version of the ‘Operational Manual for Home Care Package consumers’ released in March this year, the charges that providers can deduct from a package are listed, and it is clearly stated that management agencies must disclose charging information from June 1, 2019.

Home Care Package Provider and Supplier

Among the fees listed, the most important ones are the Management Fee and Case Management Fee. Let’s take a closer look at these fees and how they affect Home Care Package holders.

1. Management Fee 

The Approved Provider will charge a management fee for fund management services. This fee covers various tasks such as preparing monthly bills, managing allowances, and ensuring that funds are used for services that meet government guidelines. The amount charged as a management fee may vary between providers.

2. Case management fee

The Case Management Fee is applicable to those who choose the fully case-managed model. This fee covers services like arranging services for the client, keeping in touch with the client and their family members or carers, and ensuring that the services used by the client are safe and effective while being consistent with their cultural background and characteristics. However, it is important to note that a fully Case-Managed service is not the only option available.

The official website of the Australian government has made more explanations.

For more information, please click: https://www.health.gov.au/our-work/home-care-packages-program/managing/package-management

Happy Living – The Approved Home Care Package Provider

Happy Living offers Home Care Package holders an innovative option to self-manage their packages. By choosing this option, individuals can avoid paying inflated case management fees and gain more choice and freedom in utilizing their Home Care Package funds.

Happy Living Home Care Package Event

Happy Living maintains a fixed management fee of 13% and does not charge any other fees, which means more funds are available for essential care services. In addition, We replaces the position of Case Manager with a Care Manager. Clients can reach out to their dedicated Care Manager during working hours for any questions or problems they may have, ensuring prompt assistance and effective solutions.

With Happy Living, clients have the ability to independently arrange the content of services and choose suitable support workers. The Care Manager ensures that all support workers have relevant qualifications, insurance, and police checks, guaranteeing the delivery of safe and high-quality services. In cases where clients are unable to find suitable support workers, the Care Manager can recommend appropriate options based on the client’s cultural background and personal requirements.

While self-management may not be suitable for everyone, Happy Living also offers a fully Case-Managed option for those who require extra support. The goal is to provide older Australians with the flexibility to choose according to their actual situation and needs. We allow for a seamless transition between the self-management model and the case management model, depending on the client’s evolving requirements. If a client no longer needs the Case Management model, they also have the option to switch back to the independent management model.

Wrapping Up

Home Care Package providers charge various fees for their services, including the Management Fee and Case Management Fee. Happy Living stands out by offering a self-management option with a fixed management fee and no additional charges, providing clients with more control, choice, and freedom in managing their funds. With a dedicated Care Manager, Happy Living ensures that clients receive safe and high-quality services tailored to their individual needs.

For more information about Happy Living, please visit our website: https://happyliving.com.au/


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