Happy·Mid-Autumn Festival Event and Melbourne Aged Care Exhibition began to sign up

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Happy·Celebration Mid-Autumn Festival and the Melbourne Pension Exhibition began to sign up!

Activity time:
September 10 (Tuesday) 9:30 – 14:00

Activity characteristics:
The Australian Chinese Cultural Center, the Jianghe Art Troupe, the Black Land Performing Arts Troupe, the Mount Waverley Art Troupe and many other professional performance groups that are loved by Chinese will bring you wonderful performances.

You will appreciate traditional folk music, beautiful vocals, special dances (fan dance, Yao dance), comedy essays, Chinese soul martial arts and Tai Chi performances, so that you can experience the beauty of traditional Chinese art.

Delivering beautiful moon cakes at the venue, we have prepared fresh fruit platters and health tea, and a balanced diet for lunch.

There is also a pension exhibition on the scene, and a lot of prize-winning prizes, so that you can get a deep understanding of the Australian pension, while the prizes are soft!

Admission fee:
Member $10
Non-member $12

In order to thank the old people for their love of happy life, and because the August happy meeting is very popular, the seats are full, happy life moved to the Box Hill Town Hall 600 people hall, bring your friends and family, take part in the performance and aged care feast!

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