Happy Living: How to provide safe and reliable management services

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After applying for a Home Care Packages, elder friends hope to find a safe and reliable management organization. In order to enable the elderly to use the allowances with confidence and improve the quality of life at home, Happy Living strives to be safe and reliable in all aspects and provide quality services to everyone.


Let me talk about reliability first. As a Home Care Packages management agency, the interests of the elderly must be placed first. In addition to the extremely low management cost of 13%, Happy Living does not charge any additional fees. In addition, senior friends can choose which care service to use, when to use the service, and who will provide the service. Contact the service provider directly, don’t worry about the third party earning the difference in the middle, truly paying lower fees and enjoying more services.


In order to cope with the Chinese language and culture and living habits, the Happy Living consultants are proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, making communication easier and at the same time better understanding the needs of the elderly. Happy Living puts the needs of the elderly first, and uses this as a basis for providing reliable management services.


Happy Living is the first Home Care Packages management institution in Australia that has provided a self-management model. It has helped a large number of Australian seniors to manage the allowance and hopes to use this new management model to serve more Chinese elders.


When I first entered the Chinese community, due to the extremely low cost of Happy Living, it caused a huge impact on the traditional Home Care Packages management company, so that there were various false rumors like “the self-management mode will be terminated after two months”. COTA have to come forward to clarify.


Up to now, more and more elderly friends have chosen self-management allowances, and Happy Living has gradually developed into the fastest-growing and largest Home Care Packages management agency, leading the progress of the entire industry. The rumors stop at the wise, the fairness is self-sufficient, and the Happy Living combines more than 30 years of experience in the aged care industry with a revolutionary innovation model to bring the most reliable management services to the elder friends.


The services provided by Happy Living for the elderly are not limited to the management of subsidies, but also penetrate into the old-age life. Happy Living shares weekly information on Home Care Packages on newspapers, radio, WeChat, etc., and popularizes the self-management model. The monthly official monthly magazine publishes the layout of readers’ contributions, giving elder friends a hobby and talent. chance.


Online, Happy Living also regularly organizes various activities, such as cultural performances, self-help hot pot, watching movies, knowledge lectures, etc., to encourage elder friends to go out of their homes and integrate into community life. Happy Living received feedback from many elder friends. Some said that after 40 years, they finally got the power to pick up the brushes. Some said that they came to Australia for the first time to go out to watch movies, let us realize that all these are worthwhile. Go and do it.


Let’s talk about safety. The elderly are a vulnerable group, and news of all kinds of old people has been infringed. All staff in Happy Living have been verified by domestic and international criminal records, and elder friends can be assured of contact. In the Happy Living, employees are regularly trained in community safety and awareness, which raises the awareness of the staff.


When the elderly need nursing services, they are free to choose the appropriate service providers and nursing staff. Happy Living will require the personal information and non-criminal record of the nursing staff to ensure the safety of the elderly. If the elderly friends are not worried about the nursing staff they are looking for, Happy Living will be recommended according to the requirements. The nursing staff recommended by Happy Living are recommended after long-term use by other users, and the safety is more secure.


Happy Living will also give priority to the safety of elder friends when organizing community activities. Activities that need to go out are arranged for the type of senior citizens, and the relevant measures and medical equipment when the accident occurs are prepared in advance. When an elder friend signs up, the consultant will also carefully understand the health status, assess whether it is suitable for the event, and minimize the security risks.


At present, we have organized various large and small activities, and no safety accidents have occurred. Happy Living will continue to adhere to such safety standards, so that elder friends can go out and go home safely.

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