Happy Living: how to use the self-management model to care for the elderly

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In Australia, as long as eligible and older than 65, you can apply to the government for a Home Care Packages. After receiving the allowance, the elderly need to join a subsidy management agency to use and manage the allowance. At present, most of the management organizations on the market adopt the traditional project manager management mode, and Happy Living is happy to let the elderly maximize the use of subsidies, enjoy more services, and always adhere to the self-management mode suitable for most of the elderly. Happy living believes that letting the elderly live happily, freely and independently is the sole purpose and the center of work. So, how does happy living use a self-management model to care for the elderly living in the elderly?

First of all, the extremely low management cost is the first step in a happy living to care for the elderly. Happy Living only charges a 13% ultra-low rate. In addition, no additional fees, such as filing fees, exit fees and daily expenses, are charged. If the old people need to apply for subsidies to the government because they need to pay for the management fees, they will not be able to meet the living requirements of the elderly, nor will they meet the original intention of the government to set up subsidies. Therefore, happy living should try to minimize management costs, so that the elderly can spend more allowances on the care services needed in life. For example, if an elderly person applies for a primary care allowance, the government will pay an annual allowance of $8786. If a traditional project manager subsidy management agency is used, more than 40% will be charged and the management fee of more than $3,500 will be used. The allowance is only $5,200 or less, and the total amount of time that is expected to be enjoyed is only about 96 hours. The self-management model used for Happy Living will only charge a fixed fee of $1142, and the remaining $7644 will allow the elderly to Enjoy more than 198 hours of care, more than twice the amount of other regulatory agencies. Happy life hopes to ensure the quality of the elderly living at home by extending the nursing time that the elderly receive.

Secondly, Happy Living believes that it is equally important for the elderly to live independently and freely. In a happy living, the elderly enjoy full self-selection and control of the management allowance. Not only can they directly contact the service provider at any time to book or change the required services, eliminating the need for the management organization to communicate back and forth in the middle, and also freely choose. Suitable for your own service providers and nursing staff, so that the elderly can pay more reasonable and meet the market price of service fees. When the elderly do not know how to choose, Happy Living will answer relevant questions and provide suggestions for the elderly to choose whether to adopt. In addition, in order to meet the living habits and cultural background of the Chinese elderly, Happy Living has launched more services to meet the needs of the elderly Chinese. On the issue of bill reimbursement that many elderly people care about, happy living can be done once a week, 3 to 5 working days. The reimbursement method is also very simple. It is very convenient to use WeChat to send the service provider’s receipt to happy living. When the elderly join a happy living, the client consultant will also guide the elderly in need to complete the basic allowance management using mobile phones and computers, and cultivate the ability of the elderly to live independently. This is very necessary for home-based living.

Once again, Happy Living enriches the old people’s knowledge and spiritual and cultural living about the home pension allowance through various channels. Happy Living Weekly will disseminate information on pension benefits, especially self-management models, on websites, newspapers, magazines, WeChat public account, WeChat circle of friends and radio stations, so that the elderly can better use government subsidies to improve their quality of life. At the same time, it will release current affairs information, life tips and literary works that the elderly care about, making the life of the elderly more fulfilling and more interesting. Happy Living is about to launch its own monthly magazine, which is also to give everyone more opportunities to learn about the information and knowledge related to pension benefits. In addition, Happy Living holds regular lectures every month to share experiences of home-based care and tips for self-management. On the occasion of various festivals, Happy Living will also hold a variety of large-scale cultural activities for the elderly in the Chinese community. Not only will the elderly be able to live a Chinese-style festival in a foreign country, but also let everyone know each other and find similar interests. For example, this month, Happy Living hosted a warm and harmonious Happy Mid-Autumn Festival theme at the Doctor Hill City Hall, which not only provided exquisite moon cakes, fresh fruit platters, health refreshments and nutritious lunches, but also prepared traditional folk music and special dances. Many performances, such as comedy essays and Tai Chi performances, attracted more than 500 seniors to the site to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival, which was full of joy and laughter.

Finally, in order to make the elderly feel more reassured when using the allowance, Happy Living has launched a $1000 A$ commitment fund. After the old man turns into a happy living for 12 weeks, in the process of using the service, outside the fixed rate of 13%, Will receive any other fees, and can provide customers with a wider range of services than other management agencies, otherwise Happy Living will pay the elderly $1000 as compensation, and free to help the elderly transfer to other benefits they want. Subsidy management agency. Happy Living adheres to the principle of multiple choices, high autonomy and low fees. It not only strives to achieve the lowest fees, but also allows the elderly to enjoy as many service projects and service periods as possible, and on the basis of ensuring that the elderly can independently manage the pension benefits. Regularly follow up the living conditions of the elderly, help the elderly to answer questions and provide suggestions, and also use various online and offline platforms to enrich the spiritual and cultural living of the elderly.

If you want to learn more about home care, you can come to regular lectures on happy libing. On October 9th, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, regular lectures will be held at the Happy Living Headquarters conference room at Level 1, 450 Waverley Road, Malvern East. If a friend with Google Maps directly enters and lives happily at home, you can directly check the company address and the way public transportation is used. This lecture is in the period of the Victorian Old Age Festival in October, so everyone can take public transportation for free! Whether you have applied for a home-based pension, have been assessed, and are waiting for the grant, or want to learn about a happy living, transfer to a happy living, you can come to our lecture. At that time, we will have a consultant to answer your questions one-on-one, and we will also prepare a beautiful afternoon tea for the elders and friends. If you would like to sign up for our seminar or learn more about home care, please call our Chinese customer service hotline at 1300 911 728, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, someone will answer your call.


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