Happy Living: let the seniors enjoy quality home care services

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Since July 2017, elderly people living in Australia can choose their own packages management agency after receiving Home Care Packages. More and more elders have chosen Happy Living as the packages management agency under the circumstances of mutual understanding and recommendation. Happy Living is a government-authorized home pension allowance management agency that helps elders manage home pension allowances independently. Elders can choose which service to use, when to use the service, and who will provide the service while paying less fees and enjoying more services. Happy living allows the elderly to easily manage allowances and enjoy quality home care services.


In traditional subsidy management companies, as employees of the company, the service personnel are only under the internal control of the management company, and the elders need to report back to the case manager to review the service quality provided by the service personnel. Elders, especially Chinese elders, encounter problems or dissatisfaction due to cultural habits. They often choose to make small things small and small things small, and this causes the quality of services to be unsatisfactory, but it is the elderly themselves . Even if the elderly provide feedback, since the case manager and the service staff belong to the same company, it is difficult to make much adjustment unless there is a particularly serious situation.


In a Happy living, staff who serve the elderly are subject to multiple controls. As service personnel are not engaged in Happy living, as a third-party organization, Happy Living hopes that the elderly can use the appropriate service personnel to enjoy quality services, so the elderly are encouraged to feedback the quality of the service. If the elders are not satisfied with the service staff or the services they provide, they can always replace other service staff themselves. The elders only need to send the contact information of the new service staff to the Happy living care consultant team, check the relevant qualification certificates, and then start to provide services for the elders.


Elderly people who join the Happy Living will not be forced to use the designated nursing staff, but when the user needs it, the Happy Living care consultant will recommend the appropriate service staff to the elderly according to the specific requirements. The service staff recommended by Happy Living have qualification certificates and years of industry experience, and have passed the Police Check. Happy Living collects feedback from users on their service staff and recommends service staff with high praise to elders in need.


In addition, elders can use mable to select the appropriate service staff. mable is a local Australian nursing staff search platform where you can find a large number of registered Chinese nursing staff. The platform controls all service personnel in the following ways to ensure that it can provide quality services to the elderly.


First of all, the service personnel registered in mable have level 3 or 4 nursing qualifications, which proves that they have received training in the industry or have work experience in the industry. At the same time, caregivers on mable have ABN (Australian Business Number) and proof of no criminal record. All certification documents are regularly updated to ensure that service personnel have the latest certifications.


Secondly, mable has a system for scoring service staff. Elders can not only see the star rating obtained by service staff, but also read other guests’ evaluations of it. In this way, the elderly can not only evaluate whether they are suitable for themselves before selecting service personnel, but also evaluate the service personnel after use, helping the platform to better control the service personnel.


In addition, elders can directly communicate with service personnel using mable and all records will be kept on the website, including work agreements, schedules, rescheduling notices, bill receipts and job completion, etc. to better monitor the quality of services.


In the end, mable encourages the elders to call customer service. If you encounter any dissatisfaction or unhappiness during the service, you can directly respond to mable. There will be a dedicated support team to solve the problem for the elders.


As mable is an English-only platform, it may be difficult for some Chinese elders to use. In order to meet the needs of these elders, Happy Living Care Consultants will assist the elders to select the right caregiver on the website and provide Seniors make recommendations. However, it is up to the elderly to decide whether to use service personnel in the end.


Since the development of Happy Living, with 13% low management fees, an independent management innovation model, a multicultural background, and more than 30 years of experience in the aged care industry, it has become the fastest growing and largest home-based pension in Australia. Subsidy independent management agency. By controlling the service personnel and service quality from various aspects, Happy Living strives to provide the elderly with the highest quality home care services.


If you want to know more about home allowance and self-management mode, please call Chinese customer service number 1300 911 728, a Happy Living professional consultant will answer your questions.

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