Happy Living: Providing customized services for the seniors

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Happy Living is the management agency of a home-based pension allowance. The focus of work is to help the elderly maximize the use of allowances and improve the quality of life for the elderly at home. In addition to charging a very low management fee of 13% on the cost, Happy Living strives to provide a comprehensive management service, helping the elderly to better manage their home pension allowance.


In the old-age industry, the living conditions and health status of each elderly person are different, which leads to different problems and needs. Happy Living has more than 30 years of experience in the aged care industry, plus a team of consultants who understand the language habits and cultural background of Chinese elders, and provide assistance tailored to individual needs based on each individual’s own situation.


So, how does Happy Living provide targeted management services and help for the elderly at different stages and aspects?


Many elders who have just heard of or have little knowledge of the home pension allowance will come to seek help in a Happy Living. At this time, the Happy Living consultant will communicate with the elderly to understand their general life and health status and assess whether they are eligible to apply for the allowance. The consultant will then tell the elders that they can apply by calling the Ageing Services Department at 1800 200 422.


For elders with better language skills, you can call English directly or ask for a Chinese translation. For those who are less confident in this area, you can ask your child or family doctor to apply. In the process of applying, if the elderly need help, the Happy Living consultant can guide on the phone.


When accepting the assessment after the application, the consultant will advise you to express your needs to the assessment team according to the actual situation. For those elders who have special requirements or other situations after the assessment, Happy Living will encourage them to take the initiative and assessment team. Contact and update your status to ensure you have the level of care you deserve.


For those elders who have already received a subsidy and have not yet chosen a management agency, Happy Living will introduce how the self-administered home pension allowance can best meet the needs of individual care services according to different situations and requirements.


First of all, Happy Living only charges 13% of the management fee, so that the elderly can get twice as long as the service time of the traditional subsidy management company, and solve various problems encountered by the elderly in the home life.


Secondly, Happy Living understands the cultural background and living habits of Chinese elders. Under the premise of meeting the policy, we will provide more kinds of service items as much as possible so that the elderly can use the services they need.


In addition, the elders can choose their own service providers and nursing staff in Happy Living. Elders can find suitable caregivers in the nursing search website mable, or in the classified advertisements of various Chinese newspapers and websites. At the time of signing, the consultant will show the elders how to use mable to search for caregivers. For elders who do not need experience and need help, the nursing consultant will recommend suitable nursing staff according to their requirements. If the elders who have transferred to the club want to use the care workers in the previous management agencies, Happy Life will try to arrange them.


When the elderly join a Happy Living, the consultant will guide how to manage the home pension allowance on their own, so that the elderly can use the service better. In a Happy Living, the elders take the bills and can use the WeChat to complete the reimbursement every week. The consultant will teach the elders to use WeChat to send bills and complete most of the operations of self-management. For the elders who do not want to use the mobile phone, they can also use the mail to complete the reimbursement.


Happy Living will actively communicate with the elderly and regularly understand the changes in the lives and health of the elderly so that the elderly can receive the most appropriate care. For the elderly with higher nursing needs, Happy life will adjust it in time to provide more suitable nursing methods.


In addition to managing services, Happy Living also focuses on the spread of relevant knowledge. Happy Life updates the content of the home pension allowance in newspapers, radio, WeChat, website, etc. every week, in order to meet the audience of different platforms, so that the elderly can know the latest information of the industry in a timely manner regardless of the method.


In terms of activities, Happy Living organizes different types of activities every month for the elderly to participate, including watching movies, eating parties, cultural performances, etc., suitable for elders of different hobbies.


The most direct way to solve personal problems for the elderly is to answer questions. In addition to the Chinese phone number for the elderly to contact the consultation, the Happy Living will arrange regular on-site lectures at the company headquarters and the Chinese community so that the elderly can ask questions to the consultants and solve the problem more clearly.


In the recent days, Happy Living has launched a series of online lectures and Q&A activities, so that elders can join the voice lectures at home with WeChat, regardless of location, no limit.


If you want to know the specific time and method of the WeChat lecture, or need to consult the home pension allowance, please call the Chinese phone number of Happy Living: 1300 911 728, the professional consultant team will answer your questions.

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