Home Care Packages Application Process

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There are 6 steps to getting Home Care Packages:


Step 1 Submission

First, submit your application form to My Aged Care.

– Phone 131 450 (translated phone) to 1800 200 422

– Internet https://www.myagedcare.gov.au


Step 2  Arrange to meet

The AgedCare Assessment Team (ACAT) will arranged a meeting with you to process the evaluation.


Step 3 Evaluation

If the “Local City Hall” comes to your home first, they will conduct a simple assessment to see what kind of home service you need, such as cleaning, food delivery, handrail installation, etc. This is a kind of community care for the elderly. A small portion of the cost is paid for by you;

if the local council determines that you deserve more services and they are not able to meet your needs, they will provide your information to the local “Elderly Service Assessment”. The group” gives you an assessment of the “Integrated Home Care Package.”

The assessment of the Elderly Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will be very detailed. The assessor will go to your home for a comprehensive assessment of your physical and mental health and living environment to determine if you are suitable for comprehensive home care services.


Step 4 Report (first letter)

After receiving an assessment from the Elder Services Assessment Team, you will receive a letter that will tell you the level of care you can get (four levels in total), after which you will be lined up at the government agency and awaiting notification.

Step 5 Obtain (second letter)

At this time, Happy Living wants to say “Congratulations” to you because you have officially received the government subsidy. The second letter you received is a formal approval letter, informing you that you can sign a contract with the service company of the integrated home care service. You must sign a contract with the service company within 56 days, otherwise the approval will be void.


Step 6 Contract

Once you have identified a service organization, they will

· Give you a Home Care Agreement to sign your signature;

· Design a tailor-made care service plan based on your needs and personal financial budget.


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