Home Retirement Science Question and Answer: How to Choose a Home Care Packages Management Organization?

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Choosing a fund management institution that suits you is a question for many Chinese in Australia who have a home care package. What do you want to see when making a decision? The reporter interviewed a couple from Shanghai and hoped that their answers would be helpful when making decisions.

Mr. Zhang and Ms. Miao got the Home Care Package last year. At a home care fair, the couple met with the fund management company’s consultants and were moved by the consultant’s dedication during the conversation. After deep understanding of the organization, they decided to join the organization and begin the road of self-management of funds. After a few months, the lives of the two old people were happier, and the enthusiastic couple decided to share with you the factors that were considered when choosing an institution.

When selecting the organization, Mr. Zhang and Ms. Miao, the primary considerations are high-quality services and low management rates, because these two are the basic conditions for quality management institutions, which are in line with these two conditions, and everyone can go deeper. Learn about other aspects of the organization.

Ms. Miao said in an interview: “We consider two things. One is that we can receive the service with great satisfaction, and the other is that the management fee charged is low. We choose the self-management mode because when we have demand, we can Independently choose the required care service. In terms of the collection of management fees, we compare several companies and finally choose institutions that are simple and transparent, and promise no hidden costs.”

The elders contacted by the reporter initially felt that they could not adapt to self-management, but only after they learned that self-management was quite easy. They also exercised their brainpower in the process of management, which invisibly increased their ability to control life.

Mr. Zhang said excitedly to the reporter: “At the beginning, we were worried about whether we could do a good job of self-management. Later, after careful consideration, although we are older, our physical health is also worse, but we must also use our brains. I have learned to make things so that the home-based life can be integrated with the social life. With the encouragement and help of the nursing consultant, we decided to join the team.”

Therefore, the reporter believes that when choosing a fund management institution, we must look at two basic rules – “high quality service” and “low management rate.” If you can manage it yourself, you should decide according to the actual situation. If you are older and like a couple, your body is weak, but you can help yourself with your family. Self-management may be your choice.

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