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When children receive their family’s elders to live in Australia, they naturally want to care for the elderly and take care of them. But often because of their work and life, it is impossible to stay with them at all times. Under this circumstance, the old man has left the familiar environment that has lived for decades, and the culture is different, the language is unreasonable, and it will inevitably feel lonely and lonely. In the home-based life, the old people’s positive attitude towards life and healthy and happy mood is also very important. This is also the Happy Living has always tried to bring to the elderly friends. So today we will talk about what kind of Happy Living is to help the elderly to solve loneliness and bring happiness.

First of all, Happy Living adopts a self-management. Although it only charges 13% of ultra-low fixed management fees, this does not mean that we have ignored the old management after we have completed the basic management work. On the contrary, the Happy Living consultants will take the initiative to communicate with the elderly on the basis of feedback from the care workers and service personnel to understand their current situation and new needs, and accordingly adjust the packages plan accordingly. At the same time, Happy Living also encourages the elderly to contact the Happy Living phone. If you encounter any problems related to the Home Care Packages, you can call our Chinese free customer service line, 1300 911 728, to answer questions. When you need care, but don’t know how to choose a service provider and a caregiver, the consultant will make appropriate recommendations based on the actual situation of the elderly. Happy Living also regularly conducts regular lectures at the company headquarters. Not only welcome new friends, but also elderly friends who have joined will share their experience of home care. In this process, the elderly can not only understand the management of the Home Care Packages allowance. At the same time, you can make new friends.

Secondly, in order to enrich the social activities of elder friends, in addition to the regular lectures, Happy Living organizes offline activities of various forms of theme every month for everyone to participate. After the successful celebration of the Happy Mid-Autumn Festival performances last month, this month we brought you a lot of activities such as happy gathering, happy and watching movies, bringing long-term friends to eat buffets, singing and dancing together. Play small games together and watch the latest Chinese-language Chinese movies together. For more information about the event, you can pay attention to our WeChat service number: happy living at home, or you can also call our Chinese phone for consultation. Happy Living hopes that through various community activities, while everyone knows each other, it can add some color to the home-based life of the elderly friends.

In addition to enriching the social life of the elders and friends, we believe that a fulfilling spiritual and cultural life is equally important. To this end, Happy Living began to issue official readings this month, happy monthly publication, not only to publish practical information related to Home Care Packages allowance, to share the anecdotes of Chinese elderly care, but also to have a special section to publish originals of elder friends Submission. We encourage everyone to take advantage of leisure time, to pick up old hobbies, whether it is poetry, essays, stories, or photography, painting, calligraphy, we welcome everyone to contribute. Not only can the elders and friends appreciate each other’s artistic creations, but Happy Living hopes that the elderly can enjoy the joy of creation and art in this process. The Happy Monthly will be issued monthly and has received a large number of submissions. We will select suitable works from them and publish them in the future. Thank you for your attention and expectations.

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