How to help parents apply for Home Care Packages

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Today, let’s talk about how children can help their parents and elders apply for this government-issued Home Care Packages.

Let us first introduce to you what this Home Care Packages is. A lot of elder friends who are in need have already applied for this allowance, and have joined our Happy Living to manage using the self-management mode, but there may still be many elderly friends who don’t know much about this allowance. The Home Care Packages, is a welfare fund issued by the Australian Government to help the elderly who live at home rather than in nursing homes to pay for daily care services. Older people who are 65 years of age and eligible can Apply for this allowance.

How do you apply for this allowance? First, you need to contact My Aged Care, the Aged Care Department. Call 1800 200 422 to apply for Home Care Packages, and answer a series of questions on the phone to assess the current situation and needs of the elderly. Next, a face-to-face assessment meeting organized by the Ageing Care Assessment Team will be arranged to learn more about the specific level of care to determine whether the elderly have a level of care and the urgency of the application. Nursing is divided into 4 levels, ranging from A$8,786 in Level 1 to A$50,991 in Level 4, to meet the different levels of care needs of the elderly.

In this process, children are required to find a GP, that is, a family doctor, take the Health Record case of the elderly, and apply to become a representative of the elderly to My Aged Care. Before applying, I also suggest that you first contact Happy Living Consulting. Our professional consultants will judge whether the elderly are suitable for applying for allowances at this stage according to the situation, so as to avoid wasting opportunities and increase the difficulty for subsequent applications. In addition, we will make some suggestions and suggestions to help the elderly cope with the problems encountered in the assessment process. Welcome everyone to call the free Chinese customer service line, 1300 911 728.

After the assessment, the elderly will receive the corresponding level of care, while entering the national queue, waiting for the grant. Even if the approved level of care is high, it will be automatically placed in the queue of low-care levels. After the waiting period, the Ministry of Ageing will inform the official payment of the allowance by letter. The amount of allowance for the elderly may be lower than the assessment level. This is to ensure that the elderly can start using some care items in advance when they wait for a higher level of allowance.

After the allowance is paid, the elderly need to find a government-approved Home Care Packages management agency within 56 days. Happy Living is a service provider for Home Care Packages in Australia. It has more than 30 years of experience in the management of aged care services. Except for the ultra-low fixed management rate of 13%, it does not charge daily management fees, filing fees, and withdrawal fees. Other additional costs, while the elderly can freely choose the service providers and caregivers they want, and communicate directly with them to avoid any hidden costs. The Happy Living professional management service team is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. It can not only communicate in the language familiar to the elderly, but also understand the cultural habits of the elderly and meet the necessary nursing needs. The aging care department will directly transfer funds to the account of the management agency, and the management agency will be responsible for the allocation and use of the fund and payment of care service bills.

If you encounter any problems in applying for Home Care Packages, or if you would like to consult other relevant information, you can also call our Chinese customer service hotline, 1300 911 728.

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