How to maximize the use of your home care package?

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As one of the most popular immigrant countries, Australia is not only comfortable in the environment, but also has considerable government benefits to ensure personal life. Among them, the home pension welfare allowance is an allowance set by the government to protect the elderly from supporting their families at home. Older people over the age of 65 who are eligible and living in Australia for a long time can apply for this allowance to ensure that their old age is comfortable. After the subsidy is approved, the elderly need to choose a suitable fund management agency to ensure that government subsidies can effectively use the services that the elderly need.

However, due to the current mixed market, various management agencies have emerged in an endless stream, but there is no unified charging standard and service indicators. Many organizations usually advertise “all-day care” in the promotion, “the case manager takes care of everything for you”, and when the elderly start to use the service, they will start to encounter a lot of expenses.
Happy Life has launched a self-management innovation model for the Chinese elderly living in Australia in response to various problems existing in the market. It has already served a large number of customers and friends. Adhering to the principle of multiple choices, high autonomy and low fees, Happy Living strives to make customers enjoy happy and satisfied service. Only a 13% ultra-low rate is charged, allowing customers to spend more on the actual help to their service provider. Customers can choose their preferred service staff to pay a reasonable fee. More importantly, in the process of Happy Living service, no additional filing fees, exit fees and other hidden fees will be charged.

13% ultra low rate. Compared with other home pension fund management agencies, they charge 40%-50% of the high service rate. No matter which level of care fund you apply for, Happy Living will only charge a 13% ultra-low fixed rate. All allowances will be available for your service expenses. For example, if an elderly person applies for a level 1 care allowance, the government will issue a total of $8,876 a year in subsidies. If you use a general project manager fund management company, you will be charged an administrative fee of about $3,500. The actual amount available for the elderly is less than $5,200, and the total amount of time that is expected to be available is only about 96 hours. The self-management model used for Happy Living will only charge a fixed fee of $1142. The remaining $7644 in allowance will allow the elderly to enjoy more than 198 hours of care, more than twice the amount of other regulatory agencies.

100% free choice. Happy Life will provide customers with advice on the choice of service providers and answer related questions, but will not impose requirements on customers, customers can control 100% of the services they need. Not only can you book the services you need at any time, but you can also freely choose your favorite care workers and service personnel, avoiding the traditional management agencies to force high hourly fees, allowing customers to pay more reasonable, workers’ costs in line with market prices. , further enjoy more service duration. When the customer transitions to a happy life, if you want to continue to use the original caregiver, Happy Living will do its utmost to maintain the original relationship and ensure that they continue to provide services to the guests.

0% extra fee. In addition to the 13% fixed rate, Happy Living will not charge any additional fees. Guests do not have to pay for daily fees, filing fees, exit fees, or any additional fees due to the choice of service provider or caregiver, and there is no need to worry about any hidden costs during the service. All of this is because Happy Living hopes that the elderly can maximize the use of the government subsidies they have applied for and spend the money on the services they really need. To make customers happy is the goal of a Happy Living, and also the center of all the work of Happy Living.

For more information, please call the Happy Living Chinese Care Consultant Hotline at 1300 911 728. Act now, join Happy Living, and enjoy a better home care!

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