This procedure is to explain how to switch to another Home Care Package provider.

With the continuous spread of the pandemic in Australia, various states have introduced various restrictive policies as the situation changes. There is no doubt that the lives of all kinds of people have been greatly affected, particularly those of older Australians.


Due to the current climate of various group infections in many aged care homes across Australia, many older people are instead opting to receive assistance at home. The Home Care Package, issued by the Department of Aging Services (My Aged Care), provides assistance for older people to maintain a normal lifestyle which enables them to continue living at home for as long as possible, which is crucial for the individual, the family, and in the broader sense benefits the government and society as a whole.



During this unique period, many deficiencies in the management and in the use of home care allowance, which might have been overlooked or tolerated in the past, have also become more obvious under the influence of the pandemic.


For example, some older people are concerned about their contact with the outside world and thus have suspended the use of their services, yet still have large amount of administrative fees and case management fees deducted as usual. While some other people, due to the pandemic, have found themselves limited in choice of designated service providers and are finding it difficult to have the desirable service personnel at the most suitable time.


Comparatively, during the outbreak of the pandemic, we have seen the self-management model which has more reasonable charges and more flexible choices continue to be favoured by more and more Chinese elders.


At Happy Living, our clients only need to pay an unbeatable low fixed fee of 13%, and no additional fees or hidden costs. Care Experts from Happy Living, can independently arrange time, services and independent selection of suitable service providers that meet personal care needs.


In the past few months, we have seen many people transferring from other Providers to Happy Living. But at the same time, we have seen others who are still not aware about the process of switching to another Provider and aware of the benefits it could mean for their everyday life. Here are the simple steps to transfer:


  1. Check the contract with your current Home Care Package Provider to understand the notice period and fees required for the transfer;
  2. In accordance with the required notice period, notify the current Home Care Package Provider in advance and in writing. This period of time is generally 7, 14 or 28 days;
  3. Dial 1800 200 422 to contact the Senior Service Department to reactivate your Referral Code and provide it to Happy Living. A professional consultant will guide you through completing this step;
  4. Arrange a date to sign your contract with Happy Living. During this sign up, all paperwork will be completed, including the formulation of your Care Plan and Budget;
  5. Happy Living will contact your original Home Care Package Provider, to complete the transfer.


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