Is Happy Living reliable? You will know after reading it

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Presumably, readers still remember the Box hill event on July 20th! The hot scene of laughter and laughter is still vivid, and many guests call it “a spectacular gathering of seniors.” The wonderful opera performances and music appreciations have enchanted the elderly, and the rich gifts and nutritious meals have won many praises from the elderly.

After the meeting, many old people raised very similar questions. What is the difference between project managers and self-management? What is the service model launched by Happy Living? Is the 13% flat rate true? Editor is now coming to answer your questions!

Better Living is the parent company of Happy Living and the Australian Western People’s Corporation with more than 30 years of experience in the nursing industry. This company is highly professional and socially trusted, and is trusted and loved by Australians. Better Living introduces a case-manager mode, in which the project manager has full authority to manage the services of the elderly. From looking for a service staff to reimbursing the process, the elderly do not have to worry. The manager will arrange all aspects of the service.

Let’s Get Care is a happy Living Western sister company that, like Happy Living, promotes a self-management mode. The consumer-led care of the autonomous management model was first piloted by the federal government in November 2010, and was officially approved by the government on August 1, 2013.

The self-management mode of Happy Living is a new management mode created by Chairman Mike Argent. The chairman of the heart of the elderly hopes that the elderly can live happily at home, and only receives the most basic 13% management cost. The elderly can contact themselves. Service provider, decide the service time, etc.

At the time, the chairman also set up an “principle” for the company – absolutely no hidden fees or additional fees, including daily usage fees, filing fees, exit fees, or any choice due to the selection of service providers/caregivers. The additional cost, the elderly will never be tied to the expensive caregiver pricing fees.

After reading this, everyone will ask, what is the difference between the two? Let’s Get Care has a high reputation in the Western circles. Australian locals like to manage this kind of life-controlled, money-saving and self-reliant model. This company is suitable for English-speaking elderly.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak English. Happy Living is a Chinese team that is dedicated to a large number of Chinese customers. It understands the needs of Chinese and can better serve Chinese. Therefore, the services provided by the two are exactly the same. Happy Living provides a Chinese service, and Let’s Get Care is an English service. The difference is nothing more.

Many old people still have doubts about which service they are suitable for.

The project manager mode is suitable for those who are basically unable to take care of themselves and who do not use the call or help without the help of friends and children. Recently, an old man came to help her 97-year-old neighbor with a dementia, Ning Grandma, to inquire about her own management. After learning that her grandmother had no children and could not handle her daily affairs, the Happy Life Consultant provided all-round help for her grandmother. The project manager came to help her.

Is it necessary for the elderly who choose the project manager mode to speak fluent English and also need to be proficient in the use of electronic devices? No, as long as the old man can make a phone call, it is enough to take a photo with his mobile phone.

Some old people are puzzled. Why can a happy life be so low? Is such a company reliable?

There are a lot of old people who look at the happy life and receive a 13% rate. They think that it is a small company to deceive people, but it is not the case. As mentioned above, Happy Life is the Chinese department of the Australian Western People’s Corporation with more than 30 years of experience in the nursing industry. Our head office is well-received in the Australian Aging Care Circle and is trusted by local Australians.

Mike Argent, the chairman of the heart of the elderly, hopes that the elderly can live happily at home, and only receive the most basic 13% management costs. Our fees are used to ensure that the project fund operates in compliance with government regulations, paying bills on behalf of the elderly, writing monthly project reports, and providing service provider guidance on demand.

If the old man wants to change the door-to-door time of the cleaner, in the project manager mode, the old man needs to tell the project manager, the project manager then sends the message to the service staff, and in the self-management mode, the old man directly contacts the service personnel, saving time and effort. This will save unnecessary middleman price differences.

Our chairman made this decision because his grandmother had hoped to be able to support the elderly at home, but was sent to a nursing home and eventually became unhappy. At that time, he secretly made up his mind that he must create the most peaceful and happy life for the grandfather and grandmother of Australia with his own strength, and in this chaotic industry, he must hold his own conscience and love for the elderly.

Happy living consultants often hear such a question, is happy life certified? Formal?

Happy Living is a formal fund management institution certified by the Australian Government.

Readers and friends can follow the instructions in the following illustration to find us on the website of My Aged Care!

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