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Many elderly friends who applied for the Home Care Packages that they encountered various problems in their use and were particularly troublesome to deal with.


First of all, the cost is very confusing, various bills often do not understand, do not know which cost is corresponding, and do not know whether there is any error in the amount. The management company will also deduct various expenses, and it is not clear what it is paid for. The subsidy will be spent. Secondly, although the project manager was arranged to think that everything can be managed properly, but in fact, people are often unable to find them. It is obvious that they can contact the nursing staff themselves, but they have delayed the time because they have to wait for the project manager to arrange. Even if you can arrange it in time, you must use the designated service provider, let the project manager communicate back and forth in the middle, sometimes the information is not in place, and it takes more time and energy. Moreover, reimbursement is not easy. The project manager has to pay for the bill, and the mailing is not only slow, but sometimes it is lost. Pay once a month, and wait a month for the money to arrive. Finally, I would like to know more about the knowledge about Home Care Packages, and I don’t know what channels I can learn. I heard a friend introduce, I want to change to another management company to try, but found that not only have to pay the $500 exit fee, but also encountered various obstacles of the company, and did not do it for a long time.


The self-management model adopted by Happy Living means that elders and friends can easily and efficiently manage the subsidies and solve the problems that arise when using traditional mode management allowances. First of all, in terms of expenses, Happy Living only charges a fixed management fee of 13%, avoiding confusion in fees. Elder friends can manage their own bills and calculate every expenditure. The elderly use the Happy Living to manage the Home Care Packages independently, no longer worry about the management agency making the wrong bill, and there is no need to worry about the extra cost of using the service.


Secondly, the self-management model no longer requires a project manager. The elder friend not only saves a lot of money on the management of the allowance, but also obtains the highest degree of freedom in the use of the allowance. Happy Living users are free to choose which service to use, when to use the service, and who to provide the service. Old people can choose their favorite service providers and nursing staff to communicate directly with them, which is not only simple and efficient, but also avoids the possibility of hidden costs in the middle. After the service agreement is reached, they can also make an appointment, reschedule or cancel the service directly, eliminating the trouble of the third-party management organization communicating information back and forth in the middle, and reducing the possibility of misinformation during the communication process.


Then, in a Happy Living, elder friends only need to use mobile phones to log in to WeChat, they can easily report the accounts, once a week, 3-4 business days can receive the money. For users who don’t use mobile phones or WeChat, the consultant will personally guide the use of the method to make it easy for the elderly to learn new skills. After learning, the elderly can not only easily report their accounts, but also enhance their ability to live independently.


In addition, Happy Living has prepared a wealth of content for elder friends online and offline. Happy Living shares the practical information of Home Care Packages in various media platforms such as WeChat service number, customer service circle, Chinese newspapers and magazines, Chinese radio station, etc. It is hoped that elders friends can easily and timely obtain the first no matter which way they use it. One-hand consultation. Happy Living has also published its own independent monthly magazine. In addition to various life tips, policy highlights and practical information, it also has a special layout of art works for elders and friends, regardless of whether they are Happy Living members, whether they are satisfied with their home. The application conditions for the pension allowance, as long as the work is sent to Happy Living through WeChat or email, there is an opportunity to showcase your talents.


Online, Happy Living is also preparing for exciting activities. In addition to organizing various knowledge lectures in communities where elders and friends can travel, popularizing the application methods and precautions for Home Care Packages, demonstrating the benefits of self-management for users, and often organizing community-based exchange activities to help long Friends are smoothly integrated into the community life. After holding a large-scale Mid-Autumn performance in Box Hill last month, this month, we organized a party to watch movies and eat buffets, so that elders and friends can easily go out and have fun.


If one day, the elders’ friends feel that they can’t continue to manage their own subsidies and want to change to other companies, Happy Living will not charge an exit fee, and it will not obstruct it. Happy Living hopes that elders and friends can feel at home with peace of mind, comfort and happiness, and apply the government subsidies they apply to where they really need it. If the elderly find a way to better care for themselves, Happy Living will do their best to help the user complete the transfer within the prescribed time.


Happy Living accepts feedback from elder friends and constantly improves the level of corporate management services, and strives to make every elderly who come to a Happy Living receive satisfactory service. Just like Happy Living’s recently launched $1000 A$ commitment activity, after 12 weeks of customer transfer, in the process of using the service, at 13% of the fixed rate, no other fees will be charged and more than others. The management agency has a wider variety of services, otherwise Happy Living will pay $1000 as compensation and free to help users transfer to the desired subsidy management agency. This commitment is not only the confidence of Happy Living in its own service, but also the driving force for our continuous improvement.

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