Ms. Li: With the help of Happy Living, my father now receives more funding than he used to

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Last month, Ms. Li’s father was officially issued a Level 3 Home Care Package and has since completed his sign up with Happy Living. Ms. Li started her consultation with Happy Living when they received a reminder from the Department of Health that her father’s funding was about to be issued. Her father suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and Ms. Li is his main carer. Therefore, she was the one who consulted the approved Home Care Package Providers when his Home Care Package was approved. Since she does not know much about the industry, Ms. Li contacted most of the local Chinese institutions to make a comparison. She gave the following example when talking about the reason she eventually chose to sign up with Happy Living.


When she first got in touch with Happy Living, Ms. Li noted, the intake consultant neither rushed to recommend Happy Living nor pushed her to sign the contract. Instead, she enquired about her father’s situation in detail, such as what kind of care was needed and brought forward suggestions about what services she could acquire to reduce the burden in the future.


In addition, the intake consultant reminded her that she could also apply for an extra 11.5% subsidy when she mentioned her father’s dementia. This information was new to Ms. Li. As long as Ms. Li could have her father to do an assessment for Dementia, the consultant suggested, she should be able to apply for the supplement with his result.


How could they conduct the assessment? The consultant explained that a lot of HCP providers would ask the elderly to invite a registered nurse to come to their homes for the assessment, which costs $80. But in fact, Ms. Li would be able to save this amount of money for other services if she could bring her father to the GP for his assessment instead. Even if Ms. Li was busy working, she could have a care worker to go with her father, the market price of which was around $40 only.


Ms. Li said, the intake consultant from Happy Living provided suggestions according to her dad’s actual situation during the whole consultation, hoping to help them make best use of his funding on the services they really needed. Instead of urging Ms. Li to sign the contract asap, she reminded her to put different factors into consideration, to make comparisons, and to choose the most suitable provider for her father.


After comprehensive consideration, Ms. Li decided to start on the self-management program with Happy Living. She figured out that it is easy to contact their care coordinator on the phone or by using Wechat. Most importantly, she is now able to have experienced care workers to take care of her father for longer service hours. She feels relieved and can have someone to share the load. Even if she encounters difficulties with the service model, there are other options available to help her to adjust.


Currently, Ms. Li has been helping her father to use the self-manage model for a month. Everything has been going smoothly, she said, she has access to service personnel for most of the services he needs. During the pandemic of COVID-19, she feels relatively reassured with her own ability to contact his service personnel. Furthermore, she has been able to talk to the clinical team at Happy Living as well and it is up to her to decide whether to use them or not. She believes there has been obvious improvements to her father’s quality life in all aspects with the help of all of these personnel, which means she there is a weight off her shoulders and she is able to devote herself to her own work now.

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