Open the door for stranger carers every day? How to arrange your peace of mind on your own?

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Known as the ‘the old holy land, Australia has always been the best choice for Chinese immigrants. When their children are rooted in Australia, they will want to take their parents together and enjoy a good life. Grandpa, the 89-year-old grandfather, came to Australia with his daughter’s repeated invitations and lived in a small house in the east district of Melbourne. However, her daughter is busy with work and can’t take good care of Grandpa Li. There is also a gap between culture and living habits between father and daughter. Grandpa Li, who does not speak English, is even more at a loss in this strange environment.

Fortunately, Grandpa’s daughter applied to the elderly for the home-based pension benefits for the Australian elderly. As long as you are a 65-year-old or older who lives in Australia for a long time, you can apply for this fund of up to 50,000 Australian dollars per year through the Ageing Service. After the fund was issued, the daughter looked forward to the project manager of the fund management agency to take care of Grandpa Li in all aspects, and he could easily do it. I paid nearly 40% of the management rate and found the best project manager. But not long after, she found that the management of the project manager did not give her peace of mind.

Each time the project manager sends a different kind of care worker, the daughter must hold the ID of the care worker at the door every time, and the identity of the person is checked with the phone and the project manager. Many times, the care worker was late for half an hour, and the daughter could only wait to stand in the doorway waiting. Grandpa Li is an elderly person. He often has sore muscles and is weak. He can only be sick in bed. At this time, he depends on his daughter and nurse. Before going to work every morning, my daughter is intimately prepared for lunch and placed in the refrigerator. She put a striking red label on the crisper, saying ‘Old Man Lunch’ and personally called the project manager to tell the care worker. However, there is always one or two days a week, when the daughter returns home and the refrigerator is still in the original position when the refrigerator is opened. This shows that the care worker forgot to give the old man lunch! The daughter was very angry and called the project manager and wanted to ask the nurse. However, the project manager vaguely explained a lot, and the daughter can only give up.

At this time, my daughter heard in the community center that the self-management management of happy life is transparent, and I am very happy after I can find a safe care worker myself. But when I am happy, I have new worries – my father does not speak English, he wants Who is going to work when the nurse is going to work? The happy life consultant saw her concern and proposed to let Grandpa’s daughter try the phone signing of happy life. If the father and the daughter think that the process is very simple, they will also know how easy it is to manage themselves. Because in the self-management mode, most things can be solved efficiently by just making a phone call, and there is no need to run around in trouble. Anyway, there is no filing fee and withdrawal fee for happy life. With a mentality of trying, the daughter and the consultant signed the contract directly by phone. After confirming the terms of the document, the daughter was surprised to find that the phone signing was really efficient. Before the organization needed to set a time, and then visit the door for a small half day, in order to sign, now, as long as the mobile phone, no matter where, can communicate at any time, and soon signed the contract.

Before Grandpa Li had an excellent Chinese certified care worker, his daughter called the care worker directly. After talking about the hourly salary and the door-to-door time, the nursing staff passed the information on the identity and relevant qualifications to the happy life care consultant. I can go straight to work. Grandpa’s daughter sighed that it was so simple to arrange a care worker! It is so simple to enjoy the service that is assured! Grandpa’s care worker is very serious and dedicated, and there is no such thing as forgetting to give the elderly a hot meal or being late.

After spending a period of self-management, Grandpa’s daughter is very satisfied with the quality of her work, and she is full of praise for the low cost of happy life. She said that I wanted to try it first, but I didn’t expect it to be so good. I can use my mobile phone to contact my care worker and arrange the service at all times. I am very worried. I don’t have to worry about the elderly eating or eating when I don’t have to go to work. Grandpa Li also said that he really felt the difference in life and felt more care. Every time, a familiar and credible helper helps him with his daily affairs, and self-management is reassuring!

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