Australia’s home care industry is too deep, how to avoid being charged?

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As the Australian population ages more and more, Australian households are increasingly demanding home care in recent years. The Home Care Package Program is a home-based pension benefit for the elderly in Australia by My Aged Care.

The government is committed to using this fund to create a happy, safe and secure life for the elderly in Australia.

As long as you are a 65-year-old or older who lives in Australia for a long time, you can apply for this fund through the Ageing Service. After conducting home visits, the Australian Government will allocate different levels of service funds according to the specific conditions of the elderly. The elderly will then select suitable home care services and management agencies to manage the fund.

Home care can solve the inconvenience of many people’s lives. This service has replaced the nursing home as the first choice for the elderly in Australia. Aged institutions and companies that see unlimited business opportunities and vast markets have launched home care services.

However, a study funded by the Australian government shows that the home-based care industry is a mixed resource and lacks effective regulation. In recent years, there have been frequent news reports that some organizations charge 40%-60% of the management fees for the elderly, and use the opaque information to collect a wide range of fees. The old people who are charged indiscriminately are suffering!

Recently, ABC News revealed the unbearable side of a home-based care institution in Australia. The 91-year-old Philomena Horsley is a single mother who has raised seven children. Her only wish to have Parkinson’s disease is to enjoy her old age at home.

However, choosing the wrong management agency and project made her wish lost.

After receiving the government’s second-level family care fund, Hersley found a seemingly good fund management agency, and the bills for the nursing period made the whole family stunned.

Her daughter told reporters: “Institutions charge us up to 41% of project management fees, as well as labor hourly fees and other extra large and small expenses.” That is to say, the fund management agency took nearly half of the poor old people. Welfare enjoy time!

In addition, the agency will play tricks on the bill. The old man’s daughter complained: “The agency’s bills sent to us simply don’t understand! They don’t tell us the extra charges. Looking at the bills, we’re anxious! Because the mother’s fund is spent after it’s spent! ”

The management company charges a service fee of about $70-$80 per hour for the elderly in Hosley. In fact, these nursing workers earn only $18-$20 a hour. The rebate in the middle is still back to the management company.

In fact, as early as 2017, the Australian government has reformed the management model of the home care industry. Before the reform, the old people who enjoy the home care services can only be passively assigned to the corresponding fund management institutions. If they are not satisfied, they cannot be replaced.

However, after the Australian government carried out extensive reforms in February 2017, the elderly had the right to choose and change the management company. If there is any dissatisfaction, the elderly can change or convert their fund management company at any time.

Now, a new type of home care service management model provides the elderly with a more cost-effective and happy home life-self-management model.

The self-management mode of home-based care services is a mode that does not require the project manager to operate. The elderly can save high management fees and find service providers that are more in line with their own requirements. In this self-management model, the old man only has to pay a 13% fixed management fee, and has the right to decide to hire the most cost-effective service personnel.

The traditional management model will charge up to 40% of the project management fee for the elderly, as well as miscellaneous fees. If the elderly have a $36,900 tertiary care fund, she will pay a project management fee of $14,760 and a $50 per hour maintenance fee. After calculation, the elderly can only enjoy 8.5 hours of service per week!

If you quit halfway, you will face an exit fee of thousands of dollars!

Institutions with self-management mode, such as happy life, will only charge a fixed rate of 13% for the elderly, and there are no other charges. In contrast, the old man only pays $4,797 and the $40 per hour.

In this way, the elderly can enjoy 15.5 hours of excellent service every week! In the self-management mode, if the elderly are not satisfied, they can opt out at no extra cost.

In the home-based home care industry where fees are charged, the self-management model is undoubtedly a clear stream.

Old people can maximize the use of care funds, and are no longer subject to the constraints of the traditional model, cost-effective.

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