Self-managing your Home Care Package: How to manage risks.

Mrs Xie shares how she enjoys self managing her Home Care Package with Happy Living as it assures her health and safety.

Prior to joining Happy Living she started to question herself with questions such as “Will Happy Living be able to provide me with comprehensive services at such a low price?”, “Can I get effective assistance if and when I encounter medical problems if I choose the self-management model?”

However, her doubts started to diminish shortly after signing up with Happy Living.

Step 1. Home Care Package Risk-Localisation by Client Liaison

Based on the feedback from the Intake Consultant as well as the assessment report from My Aged Care, the Client Liaison from Happy Living had a good understanding of Mrs. Xie’s situation.

Therefore, he was able to identify potential risks to her health and well-being when developing a customised care plan for Mrs. Xie.

When Mrs. Xie was asked whether she had had any falls recently, Mrs. Xie touched lightly on the fact that she had a trip on the carpet in the living room and in the shower.

The Client Liaison considered that there could be various reasons behind these accidents, which could potentially lead to serious consequences in the future if not resolved.

It may also be the case that older people who have already fallen may experience negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and distress, which may lead to another fall.

Step 2: Risk Analysis by the Clinical Team

After signing up with Happy Living, Mrs. Xie’s Care Coordinator liaised with the Happy Living Clinical Team.

After their in depth analysis, the registered nurse from the Clinical Team believed that there were a few potential risks that could trigger another fall for Mrs. Xie such as the following:

  1. Xie had difficulty moving.
  2. Xie had no walking stick to use.
  3. The carpet in Mrs. Xie’s living room was lumpy.
  4. There was no handrail in Mrs. Xie’s bathroom.
  5. Xie was home alone a lot of the time.

Step 3: Substantial Risk-Monitoring for your Home Care Package 

The Clinical Team at Happy Living put together the potential risks and appropriate solutions before communicating with the Care Coordinator who would be responsible for direct contact with Mrs. Xie.

The Care Coordinator communicated the opinions and suggestions from the Clinical Team directly with Mrs. Xie. They also explained the potential risks and possible consequences to Mrs. Xie.

Mrs. Xie was then given suggestions of feasible solutions to the corresponding problems.

As required, Mrs. Xie was also recommended an Occupational Therapist, a Physiotherapist, and other professionals needed for necessary assessments and guidance.

Due to this, Mrs. Xie had the guidance of a qualified Occupational Therapist who made a comprehensive assessment of her home safety based on the advice from her Care Coordinator.

As per the O.T.’s recommendations, she had handrails installed in her bathroom and had her uneven carpet fixed.

Better still, she had also purchased an emergency alarm and is now receiving regular treatments from Physiotherapists.

At Happy Living, we provide a range of services at a low fees to ensure you are getting the most out of your Home Care Package. We believe in providing our clients with the best possible care to enable them to live comfortably in the place they like to call home.

We believe that communication is key which is why we ‘speak your language’ offering services in Chinese and Mandarin, ensuring you feel heard and supported when speaking with us.

If you would like to learn more about a Home Care Package, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly Care Expert team on 1300 911 728.

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