Royal Commission is investigating, rules of Home Care Packages are adjusted

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Seniors who are using Home Care Packages may have noticed that the rules for using allowances seem to have changed in recent times. In this article, Happy Living will explain this to everyone.


In 2018, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the establishment of a Royal Commission to deal with quality and safety issues in the aged care industry. As the Royal Commission’s investigation progressed, it was discovered that high-level Home Care Packages were left idle or abused, while at the same time a large number of seniors waited hard to get the allowances. In order to improve the status quo, the government will further guide the use of Home Care Packages.


At present, the government encourages the seniors to use the allowance for care and services. Chinese health care and acupuncture and massage, which the Chinese like, are included in the scope. For seniors who have difficulty taking care of themselves, they can use nursing services such as changing clothes, bathing, defecation, meal preparation, and clinical care. In addition, the seniors can use the allowance for services such as household cleaning, clothes washing, gardening, etc. to maintain a good living environment at home.


The seniors need to understand that the Royal Commission’s intervention in the aged care industry is to ensure that the rights and interests of the seniors are protected; the adjustment of the rules on the use of allowances is also to improve the quality of life of the seniors at home. Analogous to the Royal Commission’s large-scale reform of the Australian banking industry last year, we can see the development trend of the incident. At the beginning of the survey, people in the entire industry were trembling, and practitioners and users were very uncomfortable with the changes that just came. Since the end of the investigation, the banking industry has been back on track.


The original purpose of setting up a Home Care Packages is to allow the seniors in need to receive proper care at home. Since the government’s rules and regulations have already stated that, all we can do is to accept and comply.


Continue to use the example of the banking industry last year to illustrate that during the investigation, the Royal Commission found that a large number of mortgage borrowers had exaggerated income, understated expenditures when applying for mortgage loans, contributed to the expansion of the real estate bubble, and caused chaos in the financial industry. When major banks tightened their loan requirements in accordance with the instructions and strengthened the scrutiny of the review process, some people chose a small bank that did not follow the rules in order to be able to borrow a mortgage. Borrowers who choose to do so will eventually have to bear the serious consequences themselves, not only losing their down payment for failing to pay the mortgage, but also facing dishonest credit records and even being prosecuted.


This Home Care Packages reform is similar to the reform process of the banking industry. The clear guidance and regulation of the use of the subsidy by the Australian Department of Health and the Royal Commission are aimed at the entire subsidy management service industry, rather than specific institutions. No matter which management agency the seniors choose, or which management mode they use, there may be differences in the execution time, but in the end they need to follow the same rules. Some management companies may fail to accept the government’s rectification request in a timely manner, postpone implementation or fail to implement the corresponding standards, and sooner or later have to pay the corresponding price.


If the seniors are misled by some companies that have not yet adjusted for the convenience of the moment, they will spend the allowance on items that the government has banned explicitly, and the consequences caused by the seniors are likely to be borne by the seniors themselves. If the approved Home Care Packages is abolished as a result, it is really worth the loss. Therefore, Happy Living hopes that the seniors can cherish the allowances they apply for, comply with the use standards given by the government, and use the allowances more in home care services to improve their quality of life.


Happy Living has been following the government’s footsteps since its inception, hoping to use the best and latest ways for the seniors to make the most of their allowances. When the Royal Commission launched a survey of the Australian banking industry last year, the four major banks took the lead in making changes that led to the development of the entire industry. Happy Living, as Australia’s largest independent Home Care Packages management agency, provides services to many seniors people. This is why we are the first to learn about the adjustment of the allowance use rules. Happy Living hopes to serve as an example for the industry and provide better and safer management services for the seniors.


When the case manager management model is spread throughout the Home Care Packages management market, Happy Living is the first to use the autonomous management model, allowing the seniors to use the allowance more freely in choosing service items, service hours and service personnel; most allowance management companies charge up to From 40% to 60%, Happy Living only charges a fixed rate of 13%, which drives the market’s development direction and lowers the management agency’s overall fee standard. Nowadays, Happy Living will continue to adjust the guidelines for the use of allowances in accordance with government guidelines so that the seniors can get better care.


At the same time, Happy Living will still listen carefully to the voices of the seniors, and meet the real needs of the seniors on the premise of meeting the policy requirements. It will take about two months for the government to adjust the rules for the use of Home Care Packages. At that time, Happy Living will bring clearer and more detailed explanations to the seniors and help everyone to make better use of Home Care Packages.

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