A small demand cost $6,000 – apart from the project manager, what choices do you want to enjoy at home?

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In order to improve the quality of life for the elderly, the Australian Government has introduced a more flexible and faster care and life support service for the elderly, and launched the Home Care Package Program. This service has created a happy, convenient and reassuring life for the elderly in Australia, and has become the preferred application for the elderly in Australia.

Older people can use the Home Care Package to purchase a wide variety of services and equipment to enjoy their old age at home.

The Family Management Fund requirements set by the Australian Ageing Services Department include care services (such as assisting in bathing and preparing meals), support services (such as cleaning, gardening, laundry, emotional support) and clinical care services (such as full-time medical services). As long as the basic requirements are met, funds can generally be used to pay.

However, in recent years, there have been frequent news reports that many home-based care institutions in Australia are taking advantage of the policy of home-based pension packages, trying to find ways to make more benefits in the process of consumption and reimbursement.

Peter Roxburgh, who lives in Australia, is a filial son who applied for a home care package for a 89-year-old mother with severe dementia. However, a $100 toilet seat allowed him to live at home. The industry is completely dead.

Not long ago, Mr.Roxburgh’s mother lived in the hospital. Before leaving the hospital, the doctor repeatedly asked Mr.Roxburgh to prepare a toilet rack for the elderly to prevent the old man from falling when he went to the toilet.

Mr.Roxburgh immediately called his mother’s fund management agency to ask if the toilet rack was within the fund’s payment range. The project’s project manager promised that he could buy and install it for the elderly. Unexpectedly, this was the beginning of a big trouble.

The project manager hired an occupational therapist from the fund for the elderly to go to Mr.Roxburgh’s home to make various assessments to determine what assistance the elderly really needed. Mr.Roxburgh complained that we all have the advice of a professional doctor. Why is it so troublesome?

After the occupational therapist evaluated, the project manager still bought the toilet seat for the elderly. Mr.Roxburgh did not feel that this was too much trouble.

However, when Mr.Roxburgh saw the bill, he immediately burned in anger. He did not ask for an occupational therapist to evaluate it and spent 300 Australian dollars. A common toilet seat worth only one hundred Australian dollars was spent again. Nearly three hundred knives!

In other words, the project manager spent 600 Australian dollars on a small need for the elderly!

Traditionally, in the project management model, the project manager is responsible for following up the services that each elderly person needs, such as selecting service personnel, service time, and the brand, price, and type of equipment purchased.

At first glance, the elderly don’t have to worry about choosing services, but behind this “easy” is the high management fees and service fees. The project manager on the market charges about 35-60%. In other words, the old man has a $10,000 fund each year, and the project management fee has already been charged $3500-$6000. The remaining amount is what the elderly can use for their services.

These companies will also complicate the service and reimbursement process, such as designating the elderly to a specific doctor, designating the elderly to buy a cooperative brand of supplies, and assigning high-paying evaluators to the elderly to make unnecessary assessments, etc. Old people who understand the policy earn considerable profits.

Many agencies also charge guests with “Surcharge for using staff not employed by the Provider”. If the elderly employ their own caregiver and care provider, the fund manager that launched the project manager model will not be able to earn a high hourly service fee rebate, and will charge an additional fee to cover the loss of income.

In fact, many elderly people do not realize that they have another choice – self-management mode. With the advancement of technology and the gradual expansion of the Chinese community, the elderly or children can contact Chinese service providers through online and newspaper advertisements, and no longer need to rely on project managers to arrange work for them.

This self-management model only pays 13% of the management fee, and the old people can hire the most cost-effective service personnel. Choose to manage the Home Care Project Fund yourself, and the elderly will be fully responsible for the employment and care services of the care service.

The advantage of self-management is that it is not necessary to accept the caregiver designated by the traditional management service organization and subject to harsh purchase restrictions. On the contrary, when there is demand, the service can be selected and used. At the same time, the self-management method enables the elderly to directly contact and communicate with the service provider. In most cases, this method is faster and more efficient than indirectly through the project manager.

In the autonomous management model, the reimbursement process is very simple. Take the happy living organization as an example. After sending the relevant information of the service provider or service personnel to the happy life care consultant, the old person can book the service and purchase the equipment by himself, and then only need the service provider to directly send the bill to the happy life. Or send the invoice to the agency for reimbursement.

Under self-management, the elderly basically only need to ensure that the services they purchase are in the reimbursable service items included in the home pension fund.
Compared with many project manager fund management models that are good at drilling vulnerabilities, self-management simplifies the process of elderly consumer services and reimbursement, and makes the elderly no longer subject to the disorderly arrangement of project managers. It is undoubtedly a peace of mind and simple life. The best choice for the elderly.

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