The benefits of choosing Happy Living

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This article will give you an analysis of the benefits of choosing Happy Living when comparing different home care packages agencies.

First of all, Happy Life has more than 30 years of experience in aged care work, and experience is crucial in this field. We are a professional organization for home care project fund management. We have sufficient experience and ability to provide satisfactory services to our customers.

Secondly, when customers use the happy life to manage the fund, they are free to choose the service provider or caregiver, rather than having to approve it through the project manager, which is simpler and more efficient.
Most importantly, compared to traditional management agencies, Happy Life only charges a 13% ultra-low fixed rate and promises no additional costs.

After the elderly are formally approved for the project allowance, there will be 56 days to choose the appropriate management agency. During this time, there may be friends around you who may be exposed to online or newspapers and magazines. In the face of various institutions, old people often don’t know how to choose. The actual situation of each person is different. The organization suitable for friends may not be suitable for you. The introduction on the publicity materials may only show part of the actual situation. After using the service, you may encounter problems that you have not thought before. . Therefore, for the elderly, only by actually using the services of a management agency can you really know whether the institution is really as good as the propaganda, and whether it is really suitable for its own situation.

Most of the management agencies will charge a high filing fee when they sign up with the customer. Moreover, when the customer uses the service for a period of time and feels that they are not satisfied with the replacement, they find that they have to pay the same high amount exit fee.

If you choose a happy life, you don’t have to face such a dilemma. In addition to the ultra-low fixed rate, you will no longer have to pay any additional fees or hidden fees in the process of using Happy Life. We welcome any guests to join, and when guests choose to leave, we will not obstruct it. We hope that guests can really choose the service that suits them.

Why doesn’t Happy Life charge the guest’s joining fee and withdrawal fee? Because we believe that the existence of this charge is not reasonable. The existence of happy life is to maximize the benefits that the old people enjoy from the government. The customers wait for one year to guarantee their normal life, but they may be spent in vain because of these actions without any practical effect. It is very unfair. So when customers choose a happy life, they also choose to get rid of all non-essential expenses, all in order to allow customers to make full use of government subsidies, which is the difference between us and other institutions, we always remember This is your own grant and you need to use it where you really need it.

If you have already approved the project allowance, you are facing the choice of multiple management agencies and don’t know how to be good. Happy Life is looking forward to your joining. There is no need to pay any joining fee for filing fees, and if you want to transfer to another management agency later, Happy Life will also help you with the relevant procedures for free. We will adhere to the principle of multiple choices, high autonomy and low fees, so that customers can enjoy the most complete service.

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