The gentleman is frank, the villain is often jealous

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“With our sincerity, rest assured to the elderly” has always been the motto of all employees in a happy life. The original intention of happy life is to give the elderly peace of mind and happy life in their old age. We have been striving for this goal. In this mixed industry, many management agencies have not worked hard to exceed the quality of service, but instead used time and energy to confuse the bad competition.

Like the spread of “Happy Life Corporation has just been established for a day or two”, “the self-management model is no matter the safety of the elderly”, “Happy Life Company has no Chinese contract”, “Happy guest is a self-managed experiment mouse” This rumor The vicious competition has not stopped since the first day we extended the Chinese department.

However, it is ridiculous that these institutions that rumored rumors did not provide autonomous management model, let alone a deep understanding of the self-management model. These institutions have repeatedly used inferior means to smash the happy living institutions, but let the old people see its true and ugly side – posing as other institutions to speak, using the language barriers of the elderly to translate government documents and use The Chinese are united and help each other, and they are willing to maintain the good deeds of friends and relatives to spread rumors to achieve the goal of rumor. These institutions do not study how to get the elderly to obtain real benefits, and to care for the elderly, but to mislead the elderly for their own interests. This kind of behavior is seriously lacking industry and personal ethics.
At the same time, these institutions continue to provoke troubles because they are happy to do the least, and the best interests are transferred to the elderly. They have lost many of their guests, and these institutions cannot squeeze more benefits from the elderly. . Moreover, these institutions are not willing to sacrifice their own interests to benefit the elderly. Therefore, they are constantly being slandered and slandered, but they do not dare to stand up in the light. This kind of behavior does not work in Australia.

We believe that the eyes of the old people will be able to identify what is a good company with good service quality and style. Happy Life believes that as long as our self-management model is also favored by the elderly, the inferior means of other institutions will continue to be used. But happy life will never let gossip confuse the old man!
In many vicious defamations against happy life, the recent “infringement misleading” incident is particularly prominent. A fund management agency distributed an article entitled “The truth | “self-management” pension model pilot project is about to end, the results have not yet been published”, illegally misappropriated the non-profit organization COTA Australia’s official website screenshot, will be self-management advantage The end of the research experiment and the termination of the concept of the implementation of the self-management project, and the “disadvantages” of the self-management model were fabricated without any basis, thereby calling on the elderly to leave a happy life. (Before the deadline, the article has been complained of.)

The infringed COTA Australia agency said that the behavior is very bad, and the head of the agency will pursue the legal responsibility of its rumors and all those who help them make rumors and spread rumors. The COTA Australia agency will release a statement next week that the autonomous management model will never be suspended.
After more than 30 years of vigorous development, happy life is unique in the field of aged care and home care. The irony is that some Chinese organizations have rumored that the “happy life has just been established” rumors, want to use the arm to block the car.

These institutions are constantly spying and scouting our information by abnormal means. They have not responded before happy life because time is the only means of testing truth. The gentleman is frank, the villain is always jealous, we disdain to respond to nonsense, and are more willing to put time and energy on serving the elderly and do our work well. In addition, whether this company without basic professionalism is trustworthy, please ask the old people to decide.

Of course, we will not tolerate all the rumors, the rumors and the confusing institutions in the name of COTA Australia. We treat the old people with sincerity. May you polish your eyes. For those elderly people who are still watching, we don’t mind your comparison and waiting, because only you become more savvy and careful, you can see clearly which way to choose. Really lead to a happy life!

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