The most comprehensive choice for the elderly – Home care

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Australia has become a pensionable place for Chinese people with its beautiful environment and rich welfare. However, many Chinese are not clear about the choices for pensions in Australia due to language and cultural reasons.

If you can’t live independently, or need help at home, you need aged care!

There are three main types of endowment care: home pension, institutional pension and short-term pension (transition and cultivation). The Australian government subsidizes some services, and depending on the circumstances, individuals also need to bear some of the cost of care. Editor is here today to introduce and compare the home care for the elderly in Australia.

If you are considering a pension plan for yourself or your friends and family, then be sure to read on!

Commonwealth Home Support Program

The Federal Family Support Service is a relatively early home assistance program that provides ongoing or short-term care and assistance services. The application for federal family support services is for seniors aged 65 or older in Australia, or low-income people who are over 50 years old or homeless.

Federal Family Support Services include basic levels of home care: housework assistance, personal care, meal delivery, transportation services, social support, home repairs, medical care, and respite care. If the elderly are healthy and healthy, they can handle daily routines at home, but only occasionally need some help. This service is very suitable for the elderly.

Before starting to receive services, the Australian Department of Ageing may require the elderly to pay a service fee of varying amounts depending on the type of service and duration of service. But don’t worry, since this welfare is issued by the government, it will certainly not receive a huge sum of money for the elderly.

How to apply?

The first step is to call My Aged Care, the Australian aging department, for specific information and to ask if you can apply. After you submit your application, the government will send a Regional Assessment Officer (RAS) to provide you with a home assistance assessment for free.

If the assessment indicates that you are eligible for this benefit, the RAS Evaluator will assist you in developing a fund usage plan. After that, you can prepare to contact the nursing and cleaning staff. Please note that 12 months after receiving this service, the government will review your service usage to ensure that this service will still be suitable for you after one year.

For more details, please visit the Australian Family Support Services website of the Australian Department of Ageing.

Home Care Packages Program

The Home Care Package is a more advanced home assistance program that provides a level of consumer-driven service. As long as you are a 65-year-old or older who lives in Australia for a long time, you can apply for this fund through the Ageing Service. After applying for benefits, the fund will not be placed in a personal account, and the elderly need to find a management agency to manage and use the fund to purchase services/devices.
The Family Management Fund requirements set by the Australian Department of Ageing include care services (such as assisting in bathing and meal preparation), support services (such as cleaning, horticultural management, laundry, emotional support, such as shopping, cooking and transportation) and clinical care services ( For example, full-time medical services, etc., as long as the basic requirements are met, funds can generally be used to pay.

After submitting the application form, the Ministry of Ageing will send a professional age assessment team (ACAT) to assess your situation. If the assessment team believes that you need a home care package, they will assign you a level of service.

Depending on the needs of the elderly and the specific circumstances, the home care package is divided into four levels:

The primary fund is designed to meet the basic needs of the elderly, which is about $8,250 per year.

Secondary funds can meet the low-level daily needs of the elderly, which is about $15,000 a year.

The three-tier fund is designed to meet the needs of middle-aged families in the elderly, which is about $33,000 a year.

The four-level fund is designed for the elderly with high demand, and the fund of this level is about $50,250 per year.

For more details, please visit the Australian Department of Aging Home Care Package website.

Because of language, culture and historical traditions, most Chinese elderly people hope to enjoy their old age at home. I hope that the editor’s introduction to the Australian Home Care Choice can help you more intuitively see which service is more suitable for you.

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