Through our efforts, the aged care industry is full of care and warmth. Interview with Ms. Li, General Manager of Happy Living.

Over the years of working in the Aged Care industry, my team and I have found that many Chinese elders do not have a comprehensive understanding of the Australian allowance. Many Chinese elders may rely on pensions to pay for care services. Therefore, many Chinese elders may be worried about their independence and safety at home.

We continue to educate the Chinese community about Home Care Packages through media communication, community seminars, and social activities. At present, our services have been spread across all major cities across Australia. I often hear many elderly people chatting in the community, saying: “Hi, Zhang, do you know a provider called Happy Living? They charge low fees and provide good services. You can call them.” That’s when I know that our efforts are worth it.


Mr Xiao: Going into residential care is not a good choice!

In 2019, Mr Xiao, a client of Happy Living, lived in a residential care facility for half a year, and finally returned home without hesitation. He said, even if I live alone at home, I don’t want to live in residential care anymore.

The reason is: Mr Xiao lost his wife in 2019. His children are very dedicated to him, they chose a high-end residential care facility in Melbourne, which also had Chinese speaking staffs. Mr Xiao’s son hoped to send Grandpa Xiao there to enjoy his retirement life. Unfortunatley, the actual experience is quite different.

Problems such as different diet, busy staff, poor sleep quality, and a lack of social interaction all manifested.

In fact, Mr Xiao had already applied for Home Care Package a year before. At present, Mr Xiao who received the Level 3 allowance, can enjoy various home care services at home, such as cooking and cleaning, shopping support, transportation support, traditional Chinese medical care and so on. After signing up with Happy Living, Mr Xiao led a high-quality life at home with the care and support he needed.

I believe that Mr Xiao’s situation is also a portrayal of the majority of Chinese elders. Living in a residential home is uncomfortable, but they are afraid of not having enough support at home. After receiving your Home Care Package, you can live in your own home with peace of mind and dignity.


Influence on industry charging standards and providing more cost-effective services.

I believe that many elderly people know Happy Living because of our innovative self-management model: a low fee, no hidden costs, no other miscellaneous expenses, and a high degree of freedom and choice.

The purpose of this model was that, on the one hand, we hoped that more Home Care Package recipients could have longer service hours; on the other hand, we can see other providers charging high management fees and service fees, which lead to a low Home Care Package funding balance.

Now, I am also proud to say that due to our brand influence and the quality of service at Happy Living, our peers have been indirectly impacted, the management rate of the entire industry has been continuously reduced, and everyone is starting to compete for service quality. Such healthy competition is beneficial to the elderly without any harm.


More choices, more services.

Some providers try to slander us, they say “Self-management means no one will support you“, “they have no other models for you to choose, when you need more care in the future, you must leave”. Many clients who join us feel that these are purely “fabricated stories.”

However, Happy Living welcomes supportive suggestions and opinions from all parties, including competitors, because this is our driving force for continuous progress and optimisation.

Regarding the self-management model, I believe that the elderly who sign up with Happy Living will always feel the support and convenience by our huge care service network at Happy Living.

At the same time, we continuously upgrade our clinical team. We operate the self-management model to be more in line with the multicultural community, and more in line with the preferred model for the development of the elderly population in Australia.

Of course, with the continuous expansion of Happy Living, more various new models, such as Part Management (18%, the upgraded version of Self Management) and our full Case Management model (23%) was also introduced.

Having more choices and enjoying more services has become our core priority.

Similarly, paying less to enjoy more services is our goal.

At the end of the interview, I like to say the care industry is not a glacial industry, and elderly care is not an upsetting topic.

Because in Australia, the government offers a lot of benefits to the elderly, so that you can live freely, safely, and happily live at home. All you need is a bridge to understand, apply and successfully enjoy these benefits. Our Happy Living team is willing to be your reliable bridge, holding your hand, keeping you away from a lonely and helpless life; enjoying in a rich, warm and happy life.