Happy Living home care packages

Introducing Video Conferences.

Happy Living wants to introduce a new feature for our clients. We are now offering video conferences for initial assessments and annual reviews to let our clients get a chance to speak with their Care Managers face-to-face virtually.

It allows our Care Managers to conduct thorough assessments and to better communicate with clients, ensuring a tailored approach to their unique goals, needs and preferences.

It’s a great opportunity that allows us to see each other and discuss the questions you may have, co-designing your Care Plan and Budget to meet your needs.

How Does It Work?

Connect with your Care Manager in 3 simple steps.


You need to book an appointment with your Care Manager via an email or a call.


Once you are booked with your Care Manager, you will receive an appointment link by email.


At your appointment time, simply click on the link and you will be taken to a webpage. Type in your full name and click on “Join Meeting”.

Benefits Of Video Conferencing.

Better connection with your Care Manager with face-to-face communication.

We listen to your unique needs and personalise your care services.

We can share the screen with you to guide you through our technology, tools and important information.

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