We want to provide quality services for the elderly in Australia

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Australia, with its beautiful scenery and fresh air, has always been a holy place for the elderly in the hearts of Chinese. This holy place is also one of the earliest countries in the world to implement the social welfare system. After a hundred years of development, Australia now has a well-established pension system.

For Chinese people who are obsessed with home-based care, the Australian government’s home care package for people over the age of 65 in Australia is undoubtedly an excellent benefit. After getting this home pension of up to 50,000 Australian dollars per year, the elderly need to find a government-certified management agency to manage and use the fund. Happy Life, which only charges 13% of the market minimum management fee, is unique among many management organizations. Why can happy life be so rewarded to the elderly? Let’s take a look!

First of all, Happy Life is a big company with more than 30 years of industry experience, and has a good reputation in the Western and Chinese circles. Therefore, happy life has the ability to drive down prices and give the elderly the most cost-effective and cost-effective service. Secondly, Happy Life has taken the initiative to choose the lowest cost for the elderly, which will benefit the elderly.

The original intention of Happy Life was to enable the elderly to benefit from the home pension fund, to make them more comfortable and long-term at home, and low fees and cost transparency is an important way to achieve this goal.

The administrative fees we charge are used to: ensure that the project fund operates in compliance with government regulations, pay bills on behalf of the elderly, write monthly project reports, and provide service provider guidance on demand. Because the more management costs, the less money left in the old fund, the less service you enjoy, so the 13% rate of happy life means that we can help the elderly save more project funds. The money saved is used for the care of the elderly, so that the elderly can live a happy life.

Then why do some institutions have to receive 30% or more? Where is the 17% more?

Suppose an old man has a $30,000 fund, and the agency and project manager overcharge the 17%, which is $5,100. In the traditional project manager model, there are at least 300 elderly customers in a management organization. In this way, many organizations have more than happy life – at least $1.5 million in home pension funds!

Since the cost of each project manager is fixed, the fees are fixed. If you want to increase the profit margin, many organizations choose to reduce the quality of service, or reduce the project manager.

Readers and friends still remember that in the past, a Chinese old man met an event that was not responsible for the project manager? The old man praised the diligent project manager when he signed the contract. The project manager also promised to visit the house on a regular basis. After one month, the project manager failed to drop as scheduled.

The old man found out that he could not contact the project manager, and he couldn’t get through the call. He was always busy, and he finally got through. The project manager said that he was busy. He would call the old man later. The result waited for a few days. I don’t see a phone call either. The old man finally realized that a project manager is often responsible for the service arrangements of the elderly in a district. Coupled with the commitment of each elderly person to visit, the project manager is always very busy. This busy, it is very likely that The old man missed it.

The Home Care Support Service Fund is the home pension fund for the elderly. The original intention of the government to issue funds is to let the old people use the money to pay for various equipment or services, so that they can care for the elderly at home.

Since the purpose of Happy Life was to make Chinese elderly people live happily at home, happy life would rather reduce the income of more than 1.5 million Australian dollars to the elderly pension fund, but also stick to the goal, the most cost-effective, high quality price Cheap management agency!

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