What Are Home Care Package Supplements?

Home Care Package Supplements.

Home Care Package Supplements may be familiar to you, but did you know they allow you to receive extra funding on top of your Home Care Package?

If not, don’t worry! This article will cover a range of the most-asked questions relating to the supplements that could be available to you, eligibility for supplements, and rates.

First things first, what exactly are Home Care Package Supplements?

Home Care Package Supplements are additional funding provided by the Australian Government to assist with your specific care needs.

They are put in place to assist those who may need extra support financially.

What type of supplements are there?

The good news is there are a range of supplements available including the following:

Aging in the comfort of your own home is the preference for many older Australians. Supplements are designed to acknowledge the extra support some individuals require to meet specific assessed care needs. Therefore, allowing more older people to continue living at home as their needs change.

Who is eligible for the Supplements?

Eligibility differs depending on the Supplement, we recommend having a chat with your provider if there’s a specific supplement you would like to learn more about.

At Happy Living we can support you with your Home Care Package and provide information about how to get assessed for supplements or answer any specific questions you might have relating to your individual care needs.

Some Supplements may require you to receive an assessment or obtain documentation from the doctor detailing your current physical health. We can give you more information about this or you can visit the links above in relation to the specific supplements’ eligibility requirements.

How much are the Rates?

The subsidised rates depend on the Supplements and the Home Care Package funding level you are receiving.

To learn more about the Aged Care Subsidies and Supplements you can visit this yearly updated link: https://www.health.gov.au/sites/default/files/2023-03/schedule-of-subsidies-and-supplements-for-aged-care.pdf

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