What are the options for institutional aged care in Australia?

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In the last few episodes of pension homes, editor took everyone to understand the two options for home-based care – home care support services and federal government support services. These types of pensions are suitable for living with basic self-care, or family members can be used daily. Old people who help to help in life. These elderly people are around 60-80 years old. Although they have diseases of all sizes, they can still live safely at home.

Today, Happy Life editor will take you to learn more about the “advanced” pension option – Residential Aged Care. These two options for the elderly generally apply to older people who need more care.

Nursing Home

If the physical condition of the elderly is not allowed to live at home and requires daily work or continued support from health care, the elderly can choose to move to a nursing home that is available 24 hours a day.

Nursing homes are divided into two types according to the physical condition of the elderly:

The Low-level Nursing Home (Hostel) provides basic daily assistance for the elderly who can take care of themselves, including meals, laundry services, cleaning services, personal care and so on. However, the elderly who choose this type of residence need to pay a large margin.

Nursing Home is the nursing home we often say. The elderly in Nursing Home usually can’t take care of themselves. They need nurses to take care of food and clothing.

Although the Australian government provides subsidies for the operation of nursing homes, it is still a small expense to choose a fully equipped nursing home. This expenditure is mainly divided into four parts:

Basic Daily Fee. This cost is the daily expenses of the elderly in the nursing home, such as food, cleaning, air conditioning costs, which is the must for every elderly person who chooses a nursing home.

This rate is 85% of the individual’s basic pension. According to the latest news from the Australian Ministry of Old Age, starting from March 20, 2019, the basic pension rate is 843.60 Australian dollars per two weeks. In this case, the basic daily expenses are about AUD 51.21 per day. When the elderly are staying, they will receive a letter from the government, which will let the elderly confirm the basic daily expenses.
Means-tested care fee. If the income and assets of the elderly exceed a certain amount, you will be asked to share some of the care costs. The amount of this fee is determined by the amount of deposits and assets.

Accommodation costs. The accommodation expenses of some elderly people who have disadvantages in economic conditions will be paid by the government in full or in part. Most people need to negotiate with the nursing home to discuss the expenses at their own expense.

Additional service fee. If the elderly choose a more advanced accommodation or other additional services, they will need to pay the service price difference.

How to choose and apply for a nursing home? Here are the steps to organize your happy life:

When you choose a nursing home, you must go to the nursing home to visit the experience yourself, because the details of the facilities in each nursing home are different, ranging from the size of the room, the location of the nursing home, whether there is an ambulance, and whether it is suitable for the food of the elderly in China. The softness and hardness of the bed and so on. After browsing the information of various nursing homes on the Internet, you can select several field trips to learn more.

Because in the past two years, there have been 12 nursing homes closed in Australia due to failure to meet industry standards, and the industry has not reached the standard three times.

When you choose, you must polish your eyes and examine them as carefully as possible. editor reminds you that in the selection process, you must be aware of your financial affordability.

When you choose, you must polish your eyes and examine them as carefully as possible. Xiao Bian reminds you that in the selection process, you must be aware of your financial affordability.

If you decide to stay in a nursing home, the elderly family can call the Australian Department of Ageing to arrange an aged care assessment at 1800 200 422. This assessment can help the government determine the level of care that the elderly need and help the elderly find the right facilities. Fill in various forms, including Centre Link benefits information, during the assessment.

The next step is to assess your financial situation. You need to know the value and income of your house and other assets to calculate your care costs and/or refundable accommodation fees.

The Human Resources Department’s Financial Information Service staff can provide you with basic information about managing your finances during the transition to aged care.

The website of the pension assessment agency: http://www.agedcareaustralia.gov.au/internet/agedcare/publishing.nsf/content/ACAT+finder

Retirement village is a retirement home for the elderly who wish to live independently and receive assistance in their daily lives. This type of residence is not like an apartment for rent, but a house that needs to be bought by the elderly. In Australia, about 250,000 (7%) of the elderly over the age of 65 choose to live in a retirement village.

The benefits of a retired community are safe and free – there are community-based security guards, nurses in retirement villages, gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools, and more. Old people can meet many like-minded partners in the community to participate in activities, or occasionally invite children to stay.

In this way, he and his wife can live a quiet, free and safe old age. However, such properties cannot be used for investment or rental purposes, nor can they be left to children.

Although institutional pensions will receive more comprehensive care, but the cost is too high, and there are often cultural and language barriers that old people are not accustomed to in Australian pension institutions.

The traditional Chinese concept is to support the elderly at home, so when you choose a retirement home, you must choose the one that suits you best!

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